Today is National Whiner’s Day- a day to whine if you want to- but we are here to make you think twice before you start complaining. Read this and try to remember what you do have this Christmas not what you don’t.

Don't be a whiner

Don't be a whiner

You didn’t get what you wanted- You may not have received the gift you were after- but some people don’t get a gift on this day so be grateful that someone has bought and wrapped something up for you to open.

You have to spend time with family- There are people out there who don’t have any family to spend Christmas with. They may be alone and missing those who can’t be with them. Let’s spare a thought for them please and remember how lucky you are to have your folks around you at this time.

You have spent more on others than they spent on you- Be mindful that not everyone earns the same. If someone didn’t spend the same on their gift to you as yours to them- it’s probably because they couldn’t afford to. That aside, do you like the present? If so, that’s all that matters.

You have to eat brussels sprouts- Others do with the minimum amount of food to survive all year around- they would be thrilled if someone gave them a plate full of freshly cooked sprouts. So, don’t turn up your nose and thank the person who has gone to all the effort to make them for you.

You have to buy presents- Some people in the world have no money or very little so your dilemma of what to buy for who is a much better place to be than not being able to buy anything at all or just the essentials.

You have to go back to work- There are many people out there who don’t have a job- some have been made redundant right before Christmas and others are struggling to find one. Be thankful you have something to go back to in January and an income to support you and your family. Others aren’t so lucky.

You’ve put on weight- This only means you have food in abundance rather than scarcity so rather than complain- be mindful that while you’re moaning about your muffin top- there are others who can see their ribs.

You have to travel far- Not everyone has the money to travel and are stuck where they are for Christmas. If you have the means to drive a car, get on a train, a bus or a plane- you are in a privileged position. It might take a while but if there but if there is something wonderful at the end of the trip it’s worth your time.

You are working till the last minute- If you get Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day off that is more than some health care professionals, retail workers and emergency service employers get. So actually, you are very fortunate to have this time off and not be away from your family over what are arguably the most significant days.

You have a packed social calendar- People want to spend time with you? How awful! Let us think about all the people who are crippled with anxiety or depression and are too afraid to go out, those who don’t have anyone to call a friend and those who don’t have the money to fund a hectic social life. If people want to see you and you have the means to do so, embrace your ability to spend time in the company of others. 

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