Research says that working out with your dog will help both you and your dog embrace new habits and feel happier and healthier

Walking your dog can help your mental health

Walking your dog can help your mental health

Adding more of a workout to your daily dog walk will help you get fitter and leaner

Dog walking can be really important for our mental health, and there is no joy like seeing your dog having a good time

Working out together promotes a ‘shared happiness’ between a dog and its owner… because there is no joy like seeing your dog having a good time!

45% of UK’s dogs are overweight[1], yet over half (58%) of owners fail to recognise this[2]. Take the plunge, if your dog is looking a little portly its time to hit the park!

Working out together could help both you, and your dog, get rid of any excess weight

Feeding your dog human food is a growing health issue for our furry friends as human food equates to significantly higher calorific values in doggy terms. Make sure you give your dog the opportunity to work off any extra treats

There are fun new workouts that you and your dog can share – aptly named Wellbeing Walkies. This consists of brisk walking, HIIT training, DOGA (that's new yoga for dogs!) and Pilates - specifically designed for you to enjoy with your dog, so that both of you feel great!

Spending quality time with your pet whilst making you and your dog’s exercise routine even more fun - What’s not to love?

Alexandra Burke, who has successfully lost two stone on the SlimFast 3.2.1. Plan says:My dogs absolutely love the Wellbeing Walkies workout, which is a huge motivation to keep going, and it complements the SlimFast plan perfectly because it empowers easy, do-able weight loss that can slot into my everyday lifestyle. Working out in the fresh air with friends is so much more enjoyable especially for those that struggle going to the gym, and when time is of the essence it makes perfect sense to build my workout into my daily dog walk. Seeing my dogs happy makes me happy, so it’s a win, win for all of us!” 

For more details on how you and your dog can enjoy some Wellbeing Walkies visit

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