Written by Stephen Levy, Inventor of the Sterillo 

Wash your hands

Wash your hands

In the wake of the current flu outbreak, new research conducted by Sterillo the world’s most hygienic hand dryer, affirmed that more than half of Brits (58%) think there should be more measures in place to control infection. But some bad habits and behaviours were also revealed that actually add to the problem! Here’s ten steps to take towards better infection control:

Follow the 20 second rule

More than half of the public (59%) admitted they do not wash their hands for 20 seconds or more - the minimum amount of time required to clean hands effectively to avoid spreading germs. Anyone that does not wash their hands correctly for at least 20 seconds in soapy warm water is harbouring and potentially spreading harmful bacteria.

Think hygiene

Alarmingly, just under half of those surveyed (49%) admitted they sometimes forget, or are too busy to wash their hands after they go to the toilet! Health and hygiene should be your number one priority after using a toilet – always find 20 seconds to wash your hands and protect yourself and those around you.

Avoid harmful germs

Avoid environments that are home to harmful germs, bacteria and infection. Public washrooms, hospitals and Doctors surgeries. Anywhere there are ill people.

Beware: bad smells = poor hygiene

Avoid bad smells, a smell means bacteria, mould and or faecal matter are likely to be present in the air. The Sterillo utilises an internal Ultraviolet Light module to sanitise the air and all exposed surfaces, removing the things you can smell, and the viruses you can't that are potentially far more dangerous. If it smells that bad – don’t use it.  

Put a lid on it

Every time someone flushes a toilet a germ-filled mushroom cloud of aerosolised water droplets rise containing viruses and bacteria that are suspended in the air and take hours to slowly fall, gradually covering toilet cubical doors, walls, floors, toilet rolls and anything nearby. Many public toilets don’t even have lids and every flush constantly recoats every surface in layer after layer of rapidly multiplying contaminants. 

Leave it out

Bags, coats, shopping - if you are using a public washroom and can leave your personal items outside, then do. A simple handbag or shopping placed on the floor transfers everything it touches there into your home.  A coat hanging on the inside of the door does much the same.

Swerve sick friends, family and colleagues

Germs and bacteria that other people have can be harmful to you especially if they are ill or carrying something. If you’re in an enclosed space and someone has the flu or a stomach bug for example. The best way to avoid germs is to avoid the known sources where possible. If your friend has norovirus, don’t go and visit – they will understand!

Viruses can stay on surfaces for 24 hours

More than two thirds (69%) of those surveyed did not know that if someone coughs or sneezes the highly contagious flu virus can remain on surfaces for 24 hours. If your colleague is off sick today but was sat next to you yesterday – hold off touching their desk space or borrowing their stationary!

Carry hand sanitiser

You never know who you’ll come into contact with or who has touched surfaces before you on public transport. Carry hand sanitiser to clean your hands if you are travelling and in case of any other encounters to protect yourself wherever you may be.

Stay home

Despite infection control concerns, more than six in ten parents with children at school (63%) admitted they have sent their children to school when they might have a contagious illness. While almost half (46%) of Brits admitted that they have gone to work when they have been ill and possibly contagious. If you are sick - stay home! Your boss and colleagues would prefer that to you infecting the rest of the team by spreading your flu germs in the office.

The Sterillo is the first hand dryer that destroys bacteria, mould and viruses that contaminate us, spread disease and cause odours. Stephen Levy founded the concept by combining the best-selling hand dryer in Europe with cutting-edge UVC technology. For more information visit the Sterillo website https://www.handydryers.co.uk/Sterillo.html