Do you ever look back at your childhood and wonder what those weird house rules were all about?

Housework is common rule - but what about sitting on the floor?

Housework is common rule - but what about sitting on the floor?

Some rules are understandable and common – tidy up after yourself, do the dishes, don’t fill up on snacks before dinner.

It would seem that banning certain TV shows is a common rule as a kid. Although it may have been frustrating for us as youngsters, there was probably some reasonable logic as to why.

But some might have experienced some more obscure rules. If you’ve ever visited someone’s house and been alarmed by an odd rule that they have in place, see if they match up with any of these…

Over half of Brits have admitted to having house rules and furniture retailer, ScS, has uncovered some of the most annoying guest behaviour.

The ten most bizarre rules, which are featured here, are:

Don't sit on any furniture - please sit on the floor

Don't use too much loo roll

Tell the cat you like him, or he won't forgive you

No non-vegan food is allowed in the house

Wash your hands and feet before entering the living area

Don't eat too many biscuits when offered

Don't sit on my deceased dog's side of the sofa

Take your shoes and socks off

Don’t put too much weight on the cushion when you put your head back

No talking at the dinner table

Do you have any strange house rules? Let us know!

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