Spinning – it’s completely normal to hate every second of it. But despite this, a lot of us still do it for that feeling of great accomplishment afterwards.

Spinning. The best and worst 45 minutes... Photo: PA

Spinning. The best and worst 45 minutes... Photo: PA

Here are 10 thoughts we have all had during a spin class.

Should’ve brought the spin seat

You bought it off Amazon months ago yet for some reason you always forget to bring it to class. Hello saddle sore!

"This used to be my favourite song"

Remember that song you used to love, listen to on repeat, and generally uplifted your mood whenever you heard it play?

Well, if it’s featured on the spin playlist, it’s likely coming off yours! We really don’t need anything outside spin to kick any sweaty flashbacks to dark mirrored rooms and breathlessness…

Do you think the instructor can see I’m turning the resistance down?

It’s quite unfair to ask us to speed it up and turn the resistance up, right?

We've often found ourselves slyly turning the resistance down during a sprint – yes, it now looks like we're going at an physiologically impossible speed and yes this is likely no good for the knees, but come on.

Is this sweat or have I wet myself?

If you haven’t had that panic moment when you can’t be 100% sure whether you’re dripping with sweat or if you’ve actually accidentally wet yourself then, quite frankly, you’re not working hard enough.

That Maths GCSE comes in handy

If this class is forty-five minutes long, and each song lasts approximately five minutes, that’s nine tracks, and we’re currently on track four, so we’re almost half way there… plus stretching…

HOW is she singing?

One thing about spin is the instructors are crazy. Whooping-fist-pumping-singing-whilst-dripping-in-sweat kind of crazy.

Thinking about that post-work out snack...

It’s very important to get some protein in after a work-out… Best spend the next 10 minutes deciding what it will be instead of giving it our all!

Squeaky bikes!

If the seat isn’t rocking, it’s the resistance dial that’s screeching over the music. Everyone else’s bike seems to always work fine, just never the one we choose!

Avoiding looking at yourself in the mirror

Red faced, sweat-soaked clothes and wet hair really isn’t the most attractive of looks… But it’s all for a good cause!

“See you all next session!”

The enthusiastic goodbye from every instructor ever. You’ll see me if I can walk tomorrow, yes!

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