The “treat yo’self” meme became an internet sensation after it struck a familiar chord with the public.

Treating yourself also comes in the form of experiences

Treating yourself also comes in the form of experiences

Had a stressful week at work? Treat yourself to a takeaway over the weekend. Didn’t get the job? Get yourself that handbag you know you deserve. Been broken up with? Buy yourself those flowers they never got you.

Few can deny the power of buying yourself a killer outfit to make yourself feel better about a social event you weren’t sure about going to or booking a holiday or special day out with your loved ones. Unless your spending is out of control, then there is no harm is treating yourself from time to time.

The experts behind PIWoP, a price drop alert tool, have offered an interesting insight into how the “treat yo’self” mentality can actually improve wellbeing.

Retail therapy Sometimes, it takes something like a break up to remind yourself that you do deserve to be spoiled and treated to nice things and there’s no problem if that comes from the most important person… you!

Body image A negative body image can come from not feeling special when you go out. A new outfit can soon fix that, if you’re feeling unsure about attending something like a big party or a wedding, a flattering outfit can help you to feel a lot more confident.

Positive vibes It’s not only clothes, spending a little extra on making your living room look pretty or some plants for your kitchen helps create a positive atmosphere that you enjoy living in.

Reward for hard work You might have completed some hard work that doesn’t necessarily have a reward at the end and this can feel a little demotivating. If you’ve got a promotion or you’ve tirelessly worked on a project and know you deserve a nice meal out or a trip to the theatre, reward yourself for hard work. Technology that allows you to buy something as soon as it comes down in price means that buying an item for less money is a reward in itself!

Experiences Treating yourself also comes in the form of experiences and sometimes, an event might come up that you just don’t want to miss out on, especially if it’s something that you know you’ll enjoy.

Small things It’s not always about spending a lot of money, improving your wellbeing can come from small things such as some bubble bath and candles for a relaxing night in, or buying some fresh colour nail polish to make you feel a little better.

Relaxation Wellbeing improves when you find time for yourself and relax, whether that means heading to the shops for an hour or so without the kids or buying yourself a book to read for an afternoon to give yourself some peace and quiet.

New class or hobby Starting a new class or hobby can definitely have a lot of positive impacts for your general wellbeing. This could not only be something that keeps you active, but the psychological impacts of something time on something we enjoy are great too.

Self-care When we’re so busy looking after everyone else, making sure the rest of the family has everything they need and treating our friends on special occasions, we can end up forgetting about ourselves. Make sure you are looked after too.

Incentive If you’re aiming to lose a certain amount of weight, the incentive of treating yourself after can be a good motivator, or booking a holiday to have something to look forward to can be a way to improve your wellbeing if you’re going through a stressful time. Waiting for something to come down in price can make it even more exciting when you do get to buy it and tools such as PIWoP can ensure you get the best deals as soon as they occur. When you have the tool installed on your computer, tablet or phone and you see an item you like, just use it to enter the price you want to pay for it and the tool then alerts you if that item does go to or more likely below your PIWoP (Price I Want to Pay)

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