Now that the Christmas decorations are ready to come down- it seems prudent to remember the amount of unnecessary stuff we keep in our attics.

What's lurking in your attic?

What's lurking in your attic?

The dumping ground, the crap collector, the jumble of junk, we all have our affectionate names for the place that harbours the things that are regarded as out of sight, out of mind. So here are 10 things you can rid your attic of now and create some space this new year.  

Old educational books- The ones you’ve kept in the hope that one day you might take up a hobby in psychology or forensics because that is what you did your degree in 20 years ago. You keep telling yourself- ‘you never know- you might just find the time…’ Newsflash- if you haven’t found the time already, then you never will. If it was that important to you, you would have looked at them already so clearly, it’s not a priority for you. Either sell them on or send them to the charity shop. Their information is most likely out of date anyway.

Cards from special occasions- Your engagement, your wedding, your first child, sympathy cards- what are you keeping them for really? Let’s tackle the easiest one first- sympathy cards are only going to make you feel sad- so why voluntarily put yourself through that? These are the first ones to go. Look through your special cards and if there are any that have sentimental value- put them in a frame and display them proudly on a wall. If you haven’t looked at them since the big day and have no real desire to- why keep them?  

Old toys and books- You tell yourself it’s for when you have your own children. The reality is- they probably don’t want to play with cobweb ridden, damp, musty things that have been lurking in the dark for years. Children’s toys that were in vogue when you were little are unlikely to still be a hit with the kiddies now- so let them go.

Aspirational exercise equipment- The stepper you used once and then threw up there, the tummy toner that you decided was too much like hard work or the weights that are now holding down that loose floorboard. If you have no burning ambition to get fit via these methods, it’s time to say bye-bye.

Christmas decorations- This is the perfect time of year to assess what you put up every Christmas and what stays in the box only to be put back in the loft. Whatever you don’t like enough to display- then give it to charity and let someone else enjoy them over the festive period.

Old electronic equipment- This is the easiest thing for people to accumulate over the years as new technology replaces old. If you don’t know what all your leads are for- find out. You know what you use and what you need leads for- anything else is superfluous- so get rid. If you find you throw something away that connects to a piece you still use, you can pick up cables for very little online. Plus, you can get some money back for old phones, laptops I pads and cameras so it’s in your interest to investigate their worth.

Photographs- If you don’t know who is in a photograph- why do you have it? So many people have chests, boxes and suitcases full of old photos of total strangers. Get all your photos down- organise the ones you want to keep into albums or frame them and put them on your wall- then discard the rest. They are just taking up valuable space.

Clothes that don’t fit- You should be able to fit in everything that’s in your wardrobe right now. Keeping boxes of clothes that are designed for the ‘smaller you’ will only make you feel like a failure every time you see them in the attic. Plus, if you do decide to shed the pounds- chances are, you will want a whole new set of clothes to celebrate your success.

Old linen- If you can put a duvet on every bed in your home and supply each of your guests with a towel during their stay- what more do you really need? If you have stuffed old sheets and towels in the loft, it’s probably because you thought they were ugly or were surplus anyway- so why hold onto them? Vets and animal shelters welcome such as this to keep the animals comfortable and warm so why not donate them to a good cause?

Old fancy dress costumes- If you get invited to another fancy dress party in future- you will probably want to break out a new outfit rather than a dusty old thing from the loft. If you have a picture of you in your past costumes- that is all you need to preserve the memory.

Your loft is a place to keep the things you don’t need all year around like beloved Christmas decorations, essential holiday items and precious things you want to keep safe. Treat it with the same respect as the rest of your home and give it some TLC this January.   

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