Everyone is guilty of buying things on impulse- it’s easily done- but it rapidly depletes your disposable income and often leaves you with things you don’t actually want or need. Here are my top tips to stop you wasting your money for when you’re tempted.  

Everyone is guilty of buying something on impulse

Everyone is guilty of buying something on impulse

Chocolate bars/sweets- If you already have sweet treats in your home- you don’t need to buy ones while you’re on the move. Eat what you have first then replenish or you will only end up eating double or wasting the items you’ve bought for your kitchen cupboards. Or if you have to have that chocolate fix while you’re on the move- pack a treat in your bag before you leave the house.

Clothes- My best piece of advice would be to make a list of everything you have that fits and that you wear. Ignore aspirational clothes for when you lose weight as these don’t count.

Making a note of your wardrobe helps you to see what you have lots of and what you might need to replace or add to your collection.

Carry it around with you then you can buy accordingly- which might be nothing at all.

Takeaways/fast food- These should be planned in advance and budgeted for- not a last-minute decision. If you can’t afford it and have food in the house- then you don’t need to eat take out food regularly. If you are time poor make sure you have a stock of ready meals in your freezer or batch cook your favourite meals.

Fizzy drinks/coffee or similar- Always leave the house with a flask of coffee or a bottle of drink that you’ve bought as part of your weekly budget. Anything you buy outside of the home will only litter up your car and eat into your cash.

Lunch/dinner- Again, preparation is key here. Get yourself a snappy tub and always make your lunch the night before- that way when you do eat out it will feel like more of a treat than just another day.

Books- Read what you have before buying anymore. If you don’t want to read what you have- donate these books and buy one book that appeals- read it- then by another. Having more than one book on the go at once is confusing and a pile of unread books next to your bed encourages feelings of failure and no-one needs that in their life.

Beauty products such as hair care, make up etc.- If you already have a product for a specific purpose- you don’t need another- use up what you have and then replenish.

Shoes- Go back to your wardrobe list- see what you have and what needs replacing- if anything- chances are you have one of everything for every occasion/weather.

Magazines/newspapers- You can read all the breaking news online now for free so there is no need for paper copies.

Underwear/socks- If your underwear or socks are threadbare or have holes in the material- then it’s time to renew- if not- as long as you have a set for each day and a spare- what more do you really need?  

Plants/flowers- If you have a track record of killing them- don’t bother- what will make this time any different?

Toys for the kids/young family relative- Wait until they have grown out of their current favourite toy before getting them another. You don’t want to encourage a child to be spoiled do you?

Knick knacks for friends/family- Remember that even the smallest of gestures still cost money- do they need it? Probably not. They aren’t going to think any less of you for just giving your time, company and listening ear.

Accessories such as bags or jewellery-

Stationery- If you already have several pens, notebooks and files that you never use- what makes this new item so special?

Treats/toys for your pet- If they have a toy already that they play with and enough treats to see them through till your next shop- they are doing just fine. Animals aren’t materialistic- nor do they benefit from being overweight.

Home items such as new laundry basket or bed linen- If you can already dress all the beds in your home- you don’t require any more bed sets. Wait until one gets a stain or tears before replacing.

Kitchen items such as plates, pots etc.- If you have enough items to cook your family a meal each night- that is just fine for the everyday. If you have to cater for anymore people- simply borrow what you need and return it after use.

New gadgets- Picture the box of all the other gadgets you bought, used once and then forget about- this one will succumb to the same fate.

Home décor such as paintings, rugs etc.- Think about the last thing you bought for you home- do you still have it? Does it still bring you joy or does it just get in your way? Perhaps you hardly notice its existence anymore- in which case- you don’t need to add to the collection.  

Holiday- Holidays should be carefully thought through, budgeted for and planned out. As they are so costly, they should never be bought on a whim.

Kitchen gadgets such as a blender- Are you prone to fads? If you are then this will only be around for a few weeks before it clutterd up your cupboards- be honest with yourself. How long have you wanted this for? A very long time or just since you saw a post on social media?  

TV/laptop- Is there anything wrong with your old one? If not, are you only getting it to keep up with the Jones’s?

Mobile phone- It may be time for an upgrade- but ask yourself- do you use all of the features on your current phone? If not, then why do you need something that has even more features you are going to ignore?

Furniture- Is your old one worn out? Do you have the space? Do you need it for storage? If the answer to all of these are ‘no’ then you can walk out the shop empty handed.

Based on research by MYJAR. 

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