A new report by Walkers revealed that two-thirds of Brits have to hide their snacks to stop others eating them, with the average British householder owning up to having four different snack hiding places, from underwear drawers to the bedside table.

Food and Drink on Female First

Food and Drink on Female First

Yet the majority find their hidey-holes uncovered more often than not, with two in five of those questioned saying they would be interested in a device to help them protect their snacks in the future. To help keep your snacks safe, ex-undercover detective from Scotland Yard, Peter Bleksley has consulted for Walkers and shares his top tips on where to hide your snacks in and around the home:

Think seasonally

There are items in and around the home that we don’t use all year round. My Monster Munch are hidden in the box with all my BBQ utensils, which will not get an outing till next summer! Then next summer, stash them in winter boots, wellies and coats.

Holiday hiding at home

When do we look in our luggage bags? Only when we’re about to pack for a holiday. Suitcases and travel bags are perfect for storing snacks when we’re not going on holiday.

Personal places

Are there parts of your home, conservatory, garage or car that are completely off limits for the rest of your family? Would your partner, kids or friends ever dream of looking in your sports bag? Stash snacks in your gym bag, roll them up in your yoga mat or hide them in the glove compartment.

Additional tips

People never look up! 

When people enter a room they tend to focus on objects and places around the area that meets their eye level, so consider looking up for inspiration. A ceiling speaker, a loft hatch, a loft ladder, or a central light fitting could all be the ideal places to hide your treasured snacks. Dad and inventor Colin Furze went to extreme lengths to keep his Quavers safe from would be snack thieves by creating an ‘expanding magic lamp’ device...

Hide it right underneath them

Similar to looking up, looking down is also often overlooked, so turn your focus to the ground that people walk upon, because under floor concealments can be the ultimate sneaky hiding place.

Something they use everyday

People walk in and out of doors all day long, but no one ever thinks to look inside the door! Colin Furze liked this advice so much he hollowed out a door in his house and turned it into one of his ultimate snack hiding places. 

Give your snacks the ultimate disguise

Empty cans of food can be excellent places to stow away snacks. Wash and clean them out, hide the tasty snack then put it back in the cupboard and no one will ever know. 

Everyday items make great hiding places

The things people use and see every day can be the most unhackable. Whatever it is, just make sure it looks, sounds and works like it ought to. No one will suspect that snacks have been hidden in there. Colin Furze turned an old book of his into the ‘Sneaky Snack Stasher’ and his television flips out to conceal a snack-safe - check out how he did it here.

Anyone who would like to have a go at creating their own “Sneaky Snack Stasher” to protect their irresistible snacks can do so by downloading a simple self-assembly manual at http://www.colinfurze.com/sneaky-snack-stasher-instruction-manual.html

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