Human beings taste. We taste a lot. In just three meals a day it’s possible to pack in flavours and textures from all across the palate rainbow. But not everybody is so keen to explore the strange and delicious foods that our world has to offer. Eating the same old dishes every week? Stuck to that slim list of recipes, one type of Indian curry and a fish and chips on Friday night? Here are four ways to expand your taste buds at an easy pace. Don’t worry, they can take it. There are anywhere between 2-8000 buds on that tongue of yours, and they grow back fast if you do happen to add one dash of chilli powder too many.    

Savour your food

Savour your food

Tie That Apron, Wear That Chef’s Hat

Hit the kitchen and turn on the gas. When it comes down to it, home cooking can be one of the easiest ways to add some fun new flavours to your plate. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated. A simple pancake recipe with a twist can be your first foot out the door toward true foodie life. How do squash, goat's cheese and rosemary pancakes sound to you? You’ll never know until you try, and the BBC has you all set up with a recipe. Tart lemon cake instead of Mum’s old chocolate? What about a Baharat spice blend instead of same old salt and pepper? When you’re in the kitchen, all the flavours are under your control. Go wild!

How About a Reservation?

 Not one for slaving over the stove? No problem. Home delivery, a local restaurant – trying new foods is just a matter of getting out there and having the guts to order something different from the menu. Leave behind that chicken korma, that margarita pizza with a sprig of basil. Be daring. Do your research. Deliveroo has a list of its top ten Italian restaurants in the UK, taking you through from wood-fired pizza to extravagant platters of cured meats if that's your kind of thing. Trawl your local area and find those hidden gems, and don't be afraid to try a new place from time to time. There are dishes just waiting to be discovered. Ham and pineapple pizza, for instance. Whatever your opinion of the controversial toppings, they certainly make for a more exciting meal than that margarita.  

Eat Slow. Savour that flavour.

This one’s super simple. Slow down! Take your food, whatever it is, one bite at a time. Try and be mindful of the sensations sparking on and around your tongue. As you come to try more recipes and dishes, it’s important to relish their nuance and spice. Sampling red wine for the first time? Let is balance in your mouth. Draw in a little air over it. Try following a tasting guide if unsure. Winefolly might be able to help you out there. The important thing is, don’t just gulp it down right away! What’s that? It tastes too good? All the more reason to make it last. What’s more, eating slowly can be good for your waistline. It gives your stomach time to register and digest, and let your brain know when it’s really had enough. No overeating. No more bloating, just happy fullness.

Say Goodbye to Your Comfort Zone

Sautéed snails, sticky chilli chicken wings, a slice of Scottish haggis. It’s all out there, and it’s all waiting to be tried and tasted. Follow your nose and tongue, and be adventurous. There’ll be things you like and things you hate, but it’s all in the name of experimentation and fun. So go on, get on out there! Find a recipe or dish and get it on your plate sharpish. You never know – you might just find that new Friday night favourite.  

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