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Roxie Nafousi

Roxie Nafousi

It’s been the go to detox centre for the rich and famous for decades and is said to be the ultimate private hideaway for those in need of resetting their gut, their minds and their health. It doesn’t come cheap, so I needed to investigate; was this place (FX MAYR)  I’d heard so much about really the life changing detox I’ve been told it is?

At the infamous clinic you undergo what is called ‘The Cure”. The Cure is basically made up of 5 principles: Resting, Cleansing (your gut and intestines), Training (your body and your eating habits), Rhythm (activity/rest, tension/relaxation, sleep) and Conscious Abstinence (fasting by calorie deprivation). This is all done along side what seems to be a never ending list of treatments, infusions and medical tests designed to support the detox process. I was both petrified and excited to experience what happens behind these walls.

I arrived late Sunday night feeling seriously bloated, with severe water retention and having spent the last 2 weeks complaining of being tired all the time – I was honestly boring myself from saying it so often. I had also put on almost a stone in the last 4 months for various reasons and the weight just wasn’t shifting as quickly as I wanted no matter what I tried, so I was looking forward to a drastic reset!

When I got to my room I saw my welcome package. Alas, it was not a delicious plate of chocolates and heart-shaped fruits coupled with a bottle of champagne like you might hope for when checking into a hotel, but instead: coconut oil for oil swishing every morning (to help draw out toxins from the mouth, and added bonus it makes your teeth whiter), alkaline powder to drink every morning (to balance your pH levels), potassium and magnesium pills to be taken 3 times a day, a urine sample pot and my schedule for the following day. I looked at the items in front of me and braced myself.

The next morning I missed my first appointment because I was so tired (there it is again) but made the second one which was to see my doctor, Annette Langer, who would be my doctor for the whole week and who I would see everyday. I felt immediately as ease in her presence and told her all the reasons I had come, what I wanted help with and what problems I was suffering from. She recommended all the right treatments for me to have (and there were a lot!) and informed me that my schedule for the rest of the week would be on my table by lunchtime. I was also told I’d be on a 200-300 calorie a day diet which would essentially put my body in a fasting state which has numerous benefits to our gut and overall health. I felt like I was in safe hands and I genuinely looked forward to the daily updates with Annette who seemed to genuinely care about my progress, adding in new treatments throughout the week that she thought would benefit me.

I got to lunch and my schedule was there – every day till 2pm I was going to be BUSY. My schedule included; medical massages, lymphatic drainage, colonic hydrotherapy, nasal reflexology, saline inhalation, detox wraps, kinesiology, alkaline detox baths, acupuncture, shiatsu and counselling/therapy.


After reviewing my schedule my lunch arrived: 3 corncrackers (which are just 17 calories each) with a vegetable spread. This was the last solid food I would eat that day; dinner was a cup of vegetable broth. I ate my crackers slowly, chewing as many times as I could. The Cure puts a big emphasis on chewing as this action releases more digestive enzymes meaning you can break down the food more easily, as well as stopping you from producing too much insulin – which is essentially the fat storing hormone. I found that the chewing combined with the slow pace I was eating meant I actually felt pretty full even after such a small portion of food.

I know it must seem crazy to say, but I honestly didn’t feel that hungry at any point in the week. I had a few cravings when scrolling through Instagram and seeing all the delicious foodie posts of course, but I think because I was so busy with treatments and so comfortable in my surroundings with no pressure to do anything I felt pretty good all week.

The hotel itself was just stunning, the view from every window was breath taking, the rooms were luxurious and the beds were insanely comfortable. There was a spa with saunas, steam rooms, an indoor pool, a beautiful gym overlooking the lake and there was a gorgeous TV room with the comfiest sofas to watch Netflix during our free time. If there was ever a place I wanted to be when I was detoxing, this was it. I felt so at home and all the staff and other guests were always so friendly and upbeat making the whole experience feel deeply relaxing. Far from feeling deprived due to the lack of food, my energy levels soared while my bloating, excess water and muscle tension were disappearing day by day.

The calorie restricted diet at FX MAYR was the perfect opportunity not only to let my digestive system rest, but to diminish my taste for sugary and salty food so that when I returned home I could start fresh and get back into a healthy and balanced life style. When I did get back home I noticed how much more alive my taste buds had become and a even a simple salad or roasted vegetables tasted INCREDIBLE.

When it was time to leave, I had lost just over 4kg, I was rested, both mentally and physically and so ready to take on the world again. The magical thing about FX MAYR is that all it’s ingredients make the perfect potion. The setting, the incredible treatments all done to the highest level, the welcoming and caring staff, the quiet and serene surrounding of Austria, the specialised diet, the stunning hikes, the encouragement from the doctors to really allow ourselves to switch off from the outside world and slow down our minds – it all comes together to create the most life changing retreat I have come across. I really can’t fault this place and I really recommend it to anyone!