Ali Miles-Jenkins, Founder of The BoomBiz shares some of her Top Tips

Ali Miles-Jenkins

Ali Miles-Jenkins

You may be a woman over 50 but you don’t need to be overlooked. You don’t need to go to work every day worrying about whether you’ll be told to hang up those high heels for good because you’ll never break through the glass ceiling. Now is the time to reinvent and reinvigorate. Now is the time to finally become your own CEO at work and play, getting the lifestyle you deserve.

If you want to start creating meaningful change in your life and embrace your entrepreneurial spirit then starting a business at 50+ is transformational. Most of the women I support want that second bite of the cherry, to be in control of their own success, with time, location and income control. They want to feel relevant, pursue their own objectives and have time to do more of the things they missed out on during their careers.

You’re over 50. You have amazing experience, skills, expertise and knowledge and there are people and businesses everywhere crying out for what you know and what you can do for them. Choose carefully and they will pay you really well for your help. That could be anything from hundreds to thousands per day. That would be life-changing wouldn’t it?

Just take a second or two to imagine what your life could be like, waking up every day as your own boss, with choices, freedom, and a fabulous, sustainable future that doesn’t have to rely on your pension or a working in a dead-end job.

The fastest, easiest and most lucrative way to get started is to establish an expert-based business. Don’t be bashful or underestimate yourself. You are over 50. You are an expert. There are millions of potential clients out there, desperate for help and advice, corporately, professionally and personally.

Here are 10 of my top tips to become your own CEO, establishing yourself as a sought-after expert.

  1. Don’t just follow your passion. It’s vital that it’s profitable too. And expert businesses are usually extremely profitable with low overheads – for example as a consultant, trainer, coach, facilitator or therapist.
  2. Don’t set up as a generalist. Specialise. Find your niche or micro-niche. Select a laser precise segment of a market in which you wish to position your business.
  3. Once you are clear on your niche carry out robust market and competitor research. Don’t enter a market which is unknown territory, has no competition or is over saturated.
  4. Research the demographics and psychographics of your ideal client and draw up an avatar.
  5. Position yourself as the expert/authority that you are so that you attract opportunities, premium fees and clients.
  6. Ensure that your website gives authority and provenance to your service and has lead generation tools.
  7. Stay focused on the vision you have, declare what you want, be very specific about it. Focus can dramatically improve your business.
  8. Don’t rely on networking. Have as many ways of generating business as you can, both on and offline.
  9. Have an eye on the future. Many experts put their expertise into online services, so they can help more people, earn more and work less.
  10. Don’t polish peanuts! Don’t let perfectionism hold you back. Clients don’t care about perfect - they care about results.



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