On today, the 4th of May- will you keep the stars at bay?

The 4th of May is a big day

The 4th of May is a big day


Today is about scrapping something that is no longer serving you- it’s time to discard the things that are dragging your life down.


You are in a playful mood today and want to make others laugh so give people something to smile about- it is Friday after all!


You’ve found yourself in an explosive situation today, but you have the tools to diffuse it if do so wish.


You are feeling nostalgic on this day so find someone who is in a similar mood to share your stories with and enjoy the trip down memory lane.


Today is about focusing on your health and fitness- if you have neglected this part of your life lately- it might be time to get the heart pumping again.


There is a change in the weather today- in other words something is shifting in your life but it’s for the better so enjoy the journey.


You need to peel back the layers on someone in your life but once you’ve reached their centre it will be well worth the effort.


There is some juicy gossip floating around today- just remember that someone’s reputation is on the line so don’t get involved in its delivery.


Today is about renewal- you are looking to resume something after taking some time away from it. You will be glad when you return to it as it being you great joy.


Use your powers of observation today and take note of people’s movements and signals- you will discover something important if you keep your eyes and ears open.


You are at war with yourself right now so take some time out and figure out which side should win.


You are the star of the show today- so enjoy it while it lasts as you’ve worked hard to have this recognition.

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