Let's find out what the month of July has in store for the individual star signs...



Aquarius: You will get bored of something or someone this month that you never thought you would. If this is the case- how can you improve on things? If this is someone whom you care a lot about, what can you do to improve the relationship? If this is an activity, an object or something that doesn’t hold a lot of value for you- ask yourself why it’s lost its appeal and this will help you find something more fulfilling in the future.

Pisces: You will enter into a contract or binding agreement this month with someone. Before you do- think about everything carefully- your motivations, your reasons, the possible eventualities. This isn’t a decision to be taken lightly, so give it the consideration it deserves.

Aries: This month is about getting into the outdoors more. You have spent too much time cooped up indoors and you need to breathe some fresh air into your lungs. Take every opportunity to get out in nature- encourage those you love to do the same and you will feel much better for it.

Taurus: You will feel a little blue this month- but that’s ok- your moods shouldn’t be dictated by the time of year. What is it that is getting you down? Think carefully about the things you need to change to find some happiness in your life again. Turn these negative feelings into positive ones with some proactive solutions.

Gemini: This month is about assessing your finances and owning up to your bad shopping habits. What can you cut back on and what can you do without altogether? You have a goal in mind and you won’t achieve it unless some changes take place when it comes to your outgoings.

Cancer: This month is about introducing some colour into your life. Things have gone dull lately and it’s time to brighten up your days with some new activities, new people and new places. Colour your world again- it won’t happen without a bit of effort from you.

Leo: This month is about assessing your existing belongings. What is serving you and what isn’t? It may not be the time of year typically dedicated to cleaning and decluttering, but we are over half-way through the year and it’s starting to show in your space.

Virgo: This month is about bringing things together- there are too many loose ends that need tying up. Be the peacemaker, tick all your to dos off the list and sew things up neatly in readiness for the busy few months ahead.

Libra: This month is dedicated to reducing your technology consumption. It has got out of hand and you are making huge sacrifices for the sake of your digital devices. Take a step back and pay closer attention the most important things in life- the people, your passions and your goals.

Scorpio: July is a month for taking a close look at what you are putting into your body. You haven’t been careful with what you are fuelling yourself with and it’s starting to take its toll. Your body is precious- treat it with the respect that it deserves.

Sagittarius: This month is meant to be enjoyed- however try not to go overboard. You can still enjoy yourself without taking things to the extreme. Silliness and noise are humorous up to a point- but there is a fine line between having fun and taking it one step too far.

Capricorn: July is meant for going to new places and experiencing new cultures- for being able to say- ‘I’ve been there, I’ve done that!’ Take every opportunity you can to add something fresh into your life.

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