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Horoscopes on Female First

Horoscopes on Female First

We begin this week with our moonbeam headlights fully on. Our inner searchlights are fully charged to gaze at our accomplishments. The Full Moon on Sunday, across the Leo and Aquarius axis, has given us the opportunity to see where our creativity is allowed to shine. And so … where are you giving yourself permission to shine? Especially as, by the end of the week, Mars will be about to enter into Capricorn and so will bring those same opportunities down to earth for us!


I’m loving the combination of Venus and Chiron being so very cosy in your sign. Given that your ruling planet of Mars is preparing to move into Capricorn, perhaps your natural talent for making the world a better place will be sparked this week. From picking up that cup off the ground to joining a group; something will occur to help you feel … well … helpful!


Uranus is inspiring change for you, Taurus, as he forms a fiery aspect with the Sun this week. Do you have long term plans in place for your career or that ‘hobby which will become one’? This will be a theme for you over this year perhaps as Uranus works his magic for you in inspiring some form of entrepreneurial spirit!


This may be a quiet week for you Gemini, but never fear as the Moon has much to offer your imagination. On the one hand be careful not to overthink or over worry! On the other hand use the imagination at your disposal to create thoughts of a new world for yourself whether in writing or by images. Give yourself permission to dream!


You may be too busy taking care of everyone else that you forget all about you this week Cancerians! You matter. I will say that again. You matter!! Book in something lovely for yourself this week and then you will have the energy to be even more helpful to others!


That Full Moon, which is still offering lots of energy, has extra messages for you Leo. Jot down those dreams and special thoughts this week especially as the way of making them real becomes ever closer! Maybe someone you meet this week will hold a key.


Universe to Earth! Virgo you are in the enviable position this week of making something real and seeing the value of it straight away. Maybe you bake a cake for a charity sale. Perhaps you submit one of the best projects you ever have. Or you gain that sense of ac-complishment some other way. Pat yourself on the back Virgo. Something you do this week will be amazing.


Sparkle and shine in a social setting this week Libra. February is all about the invitations and, whether you choose to go or not (!), your tact, diplomacy and wonderful ability to put others at ease will be much in demand.


It’s a case of looking at your finances in greater depth Scorpio this week. There are certain aspects coming up in June which will prompt you to have made your arrangements much earlier. You will, most likely, be off on your travels and not to your usual ‘holiday’ type destination! Sit down with your accounts and then start to dream …


The Moon begins the week in Virgo and, by next Sunday, is beautifully in the centre of your Sagittarian world giving you the time to settle into those new roles that you are taking on. Being strongly sincere will be key traits you will look out for this year as you begin to truly walk your talk!


Capricorn, Capricorn where do we start. You have been under intense planetary pressure for a while now and (drum roll) the ‘world on your shoulders’ is about to change into others seeing just how magical you are. Your message will shine out there so don’t be surprised to be asked to step up in some way!


The Sun is still in your birthday sign and offers those wishes. Did you make a wish as you blew out the birthday cake candle? Still time … And know that you are setting the theme for each day right now! Go with those early morning thoughts - it’s your time!


Mercury and Neptune are together in your sign and talking to all of the other planets in some aspect or other. Do you go out and shine that light or stay indoors and percolate that inner world of yours? Are you sending out a podcast to the world? Or quietly writing a blog or book behind the scenes? Your choice!