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Horoscopes on Female First

Horoscopes on Female First

Our tale for this week has Mercury at the centre. That extra-ordinary, fast moving, quick witted communicator is retrograde and offering us all opportunities. Allow your inner wisdom and voice decide what you would like to know more about! With the Sun moving into Pisces and a New Moon, it’s a busy week for inspirations!


Travel plans? Check the detail of the finer print. Your ruling planet Mars moves into Capricorn today and will inspire you to take action and push through barriers. Which is both great news and also has that note of caution. Use the energy of Venus to make sure your plans flow beautifully … and then they will!


Uranus still asks you what you really want to do Taurus! This week he will make a trine with Mars newly in Capricorn and so use the energy to solidify new ways of extending your income - remember last week and pondering on ideas? This is your year Taurus! And, on a short term note, be prepared to be more visible career-wise.


Loving the diplomatic way you’re dealing with situations this week Gemini! You may well be called upon to help out in so many different ways and so, if I may be so bold as to make a suggestion about communication to you(!), choose the conversations you get involved with. You do not have to be everything to everyone … make time for your own inner thoughts and dreams.


Slow down and take time to make those decisions. Is it a job interview? Or a meeting with a person who has vital information about future investments? Or even just a lengthy browse in the book shop. You are gathering information and that cannot be hurried! You may need a glossy new notebook.


We begin the week with the Sun still in your opposite sign of Aquarius and end with the Sun moving into Pisces. Why does this matter? The Sun will offer many great opportunities to you on his journey around the zodiac - believe in yourself, beam your amazing smile out there and all will work out very well indeed.


Family is aspected this week Virgo. Whether siblings, children, youthful older family members or even those deep connections that seem like family - allow the time to be there to listen and help with advice. Leave your expectations at the door, be open to conversations and you may well find surprising, and heart-warming, connections made.


The Sun travels through your house of creativity. Plus Venus is sending you abundance energy from afar. If that sounds all very ‘out there’ it is because it is! Libra please enjoy being slightly quirky this week and show that gorgeous energy of yours to the world. The world needs your ability to transport harmony to where it is needed.


Did you check your finances last week Scorpio? If so you will feel much more in control and, if you didn’t, do so this week. It’s all about making sure you will be able to play when the time comes. And your inner radiance needs to shine out there so use the beautifying aspects of Venus & the Moon to think about what your body needs too.


Mars has now left your sign however your passion for life is not dimmed. Transfer action from words into action and begin those home improvements or even booking travel. Of course you may also enjoy using the Mercury retrograde energy to book onto a course of study. So many options and yet you are only able to choose one … or two …


Capricorn you have an amazing aspect between Jupiter & Mercury (in Pisces) for spiritual expansion and just being more aware of those New Moon insights. Whether by imagination during the day in the form of day-dreams, or during your nightly excursions into the dream-world, get ready for the unexpected.


Things are going to be very busy this week Aquarius. What will you do and who will you see? Uranus may disrupt your sleep patterns for a couple of nights and, together with the New Moon at the end of the week, bring in almost ‘too many’ thoughts. Write in your journal or doodle or paint. You may be pleasantly surprised by what occurs.


Given that beautiful Piscean New Moon is in aspect to both Mars and Uranus … be you. Be you and celebrate being you. You are a glorious unique individual and please take time out to record everything that is marvellous about you. And then continue the list as a thank you record as we move through the month ahead and celebrate … you!