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Horoscopes on Female First

Horoscopes on Female First

Do you choose to smile? Will you decide to say something nice that brightens another person’s day? This is a week for turning that frown into the smile of the well known phrase. It’s also a week for thinking through any big decisions and even leaving them until next week if possible. Certain planets are changing signs which will give us all permission for daydreams, laughter and just sheer time out … even if only for an hour or two!


Retrograde Mercury enters your sign this week getting ready for this change of direction next week. He will join up with the healing arts of Chiron and they both want to get it right this time. Aries you hold so many keys in your hands for taking care of yourself, friends and even the planet itself. Choose one, even the smile (!), and use that amazing go-for-it energy of yours to help. You truly make a difference this week Aries and so thank you!


The big news is that your planet Venus moves into your sign this week and it will continue to chat away to Uranus making unusual requests and changing plans around the home.

Be prepared for differing opinions within the household and wait until after Thursday before you comment! And double check any ‘taxi’ arrangements as timings may not work out quite as expected!


It’s a week of two halves for you Gemini. On the one hand there is a fairy tale daydream quality which is great for your vision and for forseeing plotting and planning. On the other hand a word of caution towards possible over-spending whether of money or your own personal energy. Hold your dreams, and your purse, close to your heart for now.


Inspirations rule for you this week Cancerians. And with your ability to think sideways (and upside down and inside out) your management skills may well be in demand. Keep your shell like boundaries in place and balance out the time you need to withdraw and recharge with the time spent out in the world. And enjoy both halves!


By the end of the week the Moon will have reached your sign Leo and it will be your time to shine out there. There’s a party happening at the top of your chart for you to enjoy. Whether it is a pizza and a movie at home or a trip to the bowling alley - dress to impress your inner lion and roar!


With the Sun and Neptune travelling through your opposite sign this week you have a great opportunity to help others stay earthed. I would suggest going to a coffee shop and indulging in some ‘people-watching’ however you may find that your sense of compassion leads you to more directly offering help. Whilst you watch the dramas play out, there is a place for you to stand still and be the true friend that you are.


If you are self-employed it is time to offer that training or workshop. If you are employed you may find yourself mentoring someone this week. And, if your life career keeps you occupied in a different way, write that book or record a podcast. You have so much to give Libra and this is a week for you to start in some small way!


Much going on beneath the surface this week for you Scorpio and that is absolutely fine. Your time to emerge into the sunlight is still to be determined. Give yourself the permission to step back, allow time to pass and breathe. Towards the end of this week all of the amazing work you have done will begin to show fruit.


What a dilemma Sagittarius. Do you work or play? Or are you seeking a new way of doing both? Midweek brings more clarity, and decisions do become easier, however you could still be swept away with ideas and schemes not really thought through deeply enough. However you do need to actually ‘act’ this week so think before you ‘do’ and all will be well.


Maybe you still feel as if life is giving you too much for one goat to take on? All will begin to ease after midweek and you will breathe a sigh of relief that your plans are beginning to take shape. With a rapid energy of Sun, Mars and Uranus aspects it is time to push through any obstacles and consider booking that event or trip.


Negotiations are taking place behind the scenes with you as a key player. Your ruling planet Uranus is conjunct to Venus and making inspired creative aspects for you this week. And so there is opportunity for you to open your mind and your heart to new ideas for how to step out into the limelight which will surely beckon as we go into March and beyond. Be excited about what’s to come Aquarius as you have possibilities opening up to be who you want to be!


With Mercury dancing between your sign and Aquarius you are forgiven for not always knowing what is going on. Are you in a black and white movie or a full technicolour 3D experience. Of all of the signs of the zodiac you have the edge this week for writing or drawing or immersing yourself, very successfully, in a different means of communication and expression.