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Horoscopes on Female First

Horoscopes on Female First

Full Moon in Virgo and a dreamy Sun/Neptune conjunct in Pisces - this is a very different week to last!

But what if your star sign isn’t Pisces? Well … all of the signs of the zodiac will be either above or below the horizon when you were born and so Pisces energy will be within your birth chart somewhere.

As the Full Moon is opposite the deeply insightful Sun and Neptune combination we can all expect plans to be shuffled around this week. Maybe we should ask the Virgoan Moon to give us an idea of a plan - flexibility is key this week especially with big news Mercury turning direct.


Any miscommunications, Aries, are a thing of the past. This is your week for turning it all around, finding the best words when needed and generally being the generous hearted individual you are. Is a quick apology needed? No problem, Aries, with either giving or receiving. Are you writing an email that has to arrive by Friday? No problem, Aries, you will find the fire energy to get those things done.


With Venus and Uranus settling well into your sign you are the quietest of all three earth signs this week Taurus and that is a good thing. Give yourself the time to be creative and innovative this week. And distance yourself from noise … it truly is time for you to take those moments back for you!


Your ruler Mercury has a rather big job to do this week as he turns direct on Tuesday. With the Full Moon shouting out tasks to be completed Mercury has conversations to book in, systems to expand and develop, plans to make. And you, Gemini, are also the one sign of the zodiac, this week, that has the ability to offer a sense of calm under pressure. Lead by example and remember that you do not have to do everything all at once!


The Full Moon is exact later today (London time) and you may experience some conflict. Not necessarily in the way you think but rather between your intentions and the results of your actions! Be kind to yourself this week. This moon is an amazing opportunity for you to begin to create your vision for the coming months.


We begin the week with the Moon in the part of your chart wanting to keep something private for now. And that’s fine. You will know when the time is right to tell someone your news and it is, most likely, after the middle of the week. Sometimes, Leo, it is perfectly fine to keep yourself to yourself and this is one of those times. Enjoy it as a welcome ‘time out’ and recharge those batteries.


Full force of the Full Moon to you and you should begin to feel the pressure lessens towards the middle of the week. The question of boundaries may be raised and remember that the Universe is there to offer help for our choice. So please Virgo know that you are loved and fully supported even when your choices are being questioned.


You’ve been very busy. People have demanded time. You may feel that you haven’t lived up to your sign of the balancing scales! One thing to remember is that your role in life is to be as human as the next person. This week you may well find yourself saying ‘No’ and not just once! Practice it right now … out loud! And relax in the knowledge that you have already done a month of work in the first week!


Friends and family life are highlighted this week. Perhaps the message is to take control by sending that letter or arranging a get together so that it is timed to be convenient for you! A loving time and enjoy this week Scorpio for the amazing and beautiful connections you have around you.


Money, money, money. Fire energy beautifully aligned for delving deep and checking those bank statements. Matters of the heart? The Moon will bring you a more playful and lighter energy. And so we see the need for balance on all levels here, Sagittarius, with a hint of enjoying the weekend by doing something that makes your heart sing.


A week to shine and to truly make the most of the Full Moon magic of your fellow earth sign Virgo together with the, also earthy, Taurean inspirations from Venus and Uranus. Be bright and bold this week and be ready to show the world your amazing wit, humour and heart.


You have a majorly important role to play during this week, Aquarius, as your sign allows Mercury the space to calmly go direct. And that gives you power to take work plans, or maybe household renovation designs, forward. Other people may try to offer budget restrictions however you are in a prime position to know that, whatever questions are asked, you have research at your finger tips!


The full Moon shines a light for you on the inner realms, imagination and sprinkles a little earth magic in for good measure. Take time to walk in nature Pisces and breathe. Your inner beautiful and gentle energy is well needed by the world right now. Whether you smile to the person in the queue next to you, or say a cheery ‘hello’ to a neighbour, we need you!