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Horoscopes on Female First

Horoscopes on Female First

An invitation from the Universe. Go outside and stand for a moment. Breathe and connect with the ground beneath your feet. Especially on Friday. The Sun moves into Aries on that day and gives us the first equinox of this year. In the Northern hemisphere it is Spring Equinox and yet on the other side of the world it is Autumn. An equinox is ‘equal time’ and so, on Friday, day and night are equal.

Welcome in the change of energy and the change of season. Our ancestors have, all through history, gone outside at the pivot points in a year and celebrated. Celebrate the Equinox as it symbolises time moving forwards.


This is your week of fire energy and inspiration Aries. The Sun moves into your sign and brings out your inner pioneer - especially for finding ingenious ways to care for yourself and others. There is likely to be an enthusiasm for just what you are able to achieve in the coming months as you truly begin to enjoy being you again!


Taurus you are going to love the inspiring thoughts and innovative ideas arriving by the bucket load for you. Are you writing a book or creating new music? Or just researching new recipes. Be creative and quirky - yes you! - and enjoy that amazing imagination.


Keep a watchful eye on your thoughts this week, Gemini, as your playful ruler Mercury may have your emotions switching around. Mercury will also offer you connections with those that matter most to you. And there is your key for this week, Gemini! Spend time in conversation with true heart-felt connections.


The moon will make sure that your business meetings and, indeed, any creative tasks or ventures go well this week although maybe not as you expected. Use the wonderful Equinox energy to balance out those things you must do with those tasks you wish to do! There is time for both in your world this week Cancerians!


The equinox in Aries fans your own fire energy flames this week Leo. How will you celebrate? And where? Bang a drum or ring a bell and make some noise. The Sun, your ruler, is changing signs and bringing purpose and passion to the astrological new cycle. Enjoy your week Leo and make sure to celebrate!


You are likely to be called on this week, Virgo, to find the right words in an awkward situation. Not of your making I hasten to add! You will do so beautifully and find that, and as a result, your own day becomes smoother and people fall over themselves to help you!


You may feel this week that the world is operating in a different time zone to yourself. It probably is and yet the equinox is in your opposite friend Aries. Use the wonderful energy to check in with a few arrangements that you wish to make. And make sure that Thursday has an element of ‘a day for you’ about it!


A warm and cosy room. Toast and marmalade (other spreads are available). A good book to read or listen to. Music playing softly. Retreat and withdraw Scorpio. The time to rise up and move on out there is after the Equinox and then you truly will be shining!


Your biggest dreams are calling out to be explored and so be sure to have your compass, a torch and a notebook ready to jot down those ideas. Anchor those insights from your inner landscape and know that your purpose is to shine in the world.


Whether you are in a partnership or single, Capricorn, this is a week of sparkle and shimmer. There’s a great aspect on Sunday to spend time with that special person watching a film or enjoying the beauty of nature and, who knows (!), that special person may just be you!


Woohoo Aquarius! Spending time with friends this week in shared conversation is right up your street! Out of those inspired ideas will come a great business idea or plan and the moon on the 18th together with the Equinox at the end of the week brings the energy to make a plan real!


Lots of usual activity for you Pisces, early this week, with Mercury moving into your sign and the moon transiting Capricorn. Maybe your dreams will be in technicolour and your intuition will be stronger however that is, of course, quite usual. The unusual comes in the way you radiate out your amazing and blossoming creativity! Be you Pisces!!