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Horoscopes on Female First

Horoscopes on Female First

The Universe is constantly moving and changing. We live on a planet hurtling through space and time and, yes, there is a call for us all to look at things differently right now. Just as human beings have done for aeons and we will emerge into a different era and yet still be ourselves.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) there is a beautiful new moon in the fire sign of Aries giving us the inspiration to breathe into this new season. An acceleration into helpful energy from Chi-ron. A season of love.


We need you Aries! We need your creative spark, your energy and enthusiasm, your love of the new. This week you are likely to find people are, just maybe, a little slower on the uptake than you or maybe not quite ready to listen. Stand back for a moment when you sense that happening as, and I repeat, your beautiful sunshine energy is needed!


You may find arrangements slipping mid-week or even forgotten as you, rather unusually, become caught up in too many different things to do. Tear up the ‘to do’ list and just concentrate on one thing and then the next. And remember that your kind words speak volumes at this time Taurus!


Just at a time when your rising star is heading over the horizon you are being asked to look at the map-book again! However you are so good at that, Gemini, and at thinking out-side the box and all the other lateral thinking terms we love. Look again at any projects and know that, just as the world is turning, so your star is needed.


Gently does it this week Cancerians and please know that, out of all the signs of the zodiac, this week will be when your calm energy is required. You are ruled by the moon and so often wear your heart on your sleeve - yet the world right now is a wobbly one and needs your wonderful loving smile. Be gentle and balanced about what you offer ‘out there’ together with recharging your batteries!


With Saturn entering your opposite sign this week prepare to make some big choices in your routine. Actually there may not be a routine or rather one to be created. And that will help your natural exuberance for enjoying time spent in play - make sure that you are using that fun side Leo this week!


The week begins with Mercury, Neptune and the Moon in your opposite sign. Then the Moon moves onwards and into Aries and the other planets move on. What does this mean for you? Quite a bit! You have an opportunity this week to delve into your imagination and the inner realms. Maybe you will read a book to inspire or begin a meditation regime or even take time out to sit in the garden and ponder.


Family and friends are highlighted this week. You are known for your diplomatic skills and for finding the great words to pour calm onto troubled waters. And, of course, those talents are still there and very much in demand. However you may also need to be the one person who says it as it is. Be confident and choose to be the one to bring order to the family!


It’s time to exercise that creativity Scorpio. You have talents to share which will help people as time moves on. Get out there and show how to knit, how to make and how to do. And, if not quite ready to do that, enjoy the new inspirations coming in as to how you will shine as we move into next month.


You are in the driving seat this week and please remember that you have your foot on the pedal and on the brake especially where fun is concerned. And there is your key for this week Sagittarius - make time for fun and let the world know that you know that your arrows of enjoyment are still being sent out into the Universe.


Strange times indeed and our collective is asking much of you right now Capricorn. Your voice of reason rings out this week in the amazing spiritual and wise way that you have. Friday may prove to be a day when your phone is busy and your emails need answering as you will be in demand!


Your efforts to offer solutions will be heard and, actually, be seen as good ones so don’t hold back. Perhaps the role you have this week, Aquarius, is to look at alternatives and options whilst keeping the family aware of what you’re doing!


Are you over-thinking or over-imagining at the moment Pisces? With empathy on high volume at the moment and your sensitivities acute however, and this is where you shine this week Pisces, you find just the right words to offer to more than one person this week. The theme for you over the last few weeks has been to ‘be you’ and also ‘take time out’. Both pieces of advice are in order for you this week!