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Horoscopes on Female First

Horoscopes on Female First

The Sun has a starring role this week as he settles properly into Aquarius and activates connections although, of course, in very unusual ways! Mars will bring action to structure whilst the calming energy of Venus changing signs will allow a reprieve for us all in the words that are spoken. Give yourself gentle permission to bring a routine in to suit you. And balance action with rest. Or rest with action. Whichever way - allow your body a time to rest and a time to act!


Imagine that you are a sailor with one hand steering the ship and the other holding the map. Your only responsibility is to watch the sun rise in the morning and set in the evening. By the light of the Sun in your sign so everyone is able to see their way ahead. Thank you Aries and relax knowing that you are doing an amazing job.


If money is on your mind this week check that online bank account. Or maybe you feel that your energy is of more use starting an exercise routine. Then again it may well be that you find taking time out to sit and be still suits you. It’s all about the energy this week, Taurus, and keeping a balance in whichever way is needed.


What a time to be in full receiver mode, Gemini, the insights and messages are likely to surpass your most busy of times. Write a book, call a relative, speak at a webinar, did I mention writing a book? Imagination is at the top of your chart as this week begins and barely slips throughout … just make sure that you allow peaceful time too!


The moon, your ruler, travels through your sign in the middle of the week and so expect some rumblings within the home that only you can take care of. By the end of the week a resemblance of peace reigns again and you are able to get on with that creative spark beginning to blossom.


With Mars colliding with Saturn in your opposite sign this week you could, quite literally, see opposition to your plans. It is fine Leo. Step back and know that your kingdom is still yours. Sooner or later you will re-establish stability whilst, for now, allowing fun to rule. And remember that the fun side of life at the moment was introduced by you last week and so perfectly acceptable right now!


You are forgiven for feeling a little out of alignment this week. Your house of creativity is being bombarded with so many different ideas and thoughts and tasks and inspirations that you may well be feeling most un-virgo like ever. All is fine. Just note down the most pressing ones and let the others rest until another day.


With much thought and energy going on in your opposite sign this week you have the opportunity to really make some plans for the future. Does that seem strange when there are restrictions already in place? Not for you, Libra, as you are very well used to balancing and having vision for others. Set that wonderful mind free to daydream this week and enjoy the sense of freedom ahead.


Someone from the past reaches out, or memories surface, which offer a sense of de-ja-vu. What is behind will stay there and what is in front is yet to occur. You will handle the ‘right here and now’ beautifully and become such an inspiration to others - people want to hear what you have to say.


Offering visionary words to those around you is something which you do so well, Sagittarius, and yet you hesitate and worry in case the words are not the best ones to use. With Mercury and Neptune at the bottom of your chart anchoring and looking upwards please rest assured that your words will flow with beauty and eloquence.


Rise up and be you! Capricorn your wisdom and love for life shines out and, especially Tuesday, friends or family ask you for advice. Whether you are helping one person or the masses, this week is time to be proud to be you. And read a book. Or even two books. Top up that knowledge so that, next week, you have even more information to pass on.


Inner rebel ready to wake up? Mars and Saturn bring you a need to be different in the ways that only Aquarians truly understand. Dance and move that body to your own inner beat and others will soon follow!


Of all of the signs of the Zodiac, Pisces, you are stepping into the power right now of the quiet strength from within. Be ready mid-week to create a conversation or letter which will unlock the door to a new role for you later in the year.

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