Could you be a successful blogger?

Could you be a successful blogger?

Over the past few years the phenomenon of blogging has grown to remarkable success.

A platform to rant and moan about the things that get on your nerves or a place to discuss issues and topics close to you, a blog is a great way to make yourself known. If you have knoweldge of a specialised subject or something that people would be interested in reading about, you're good to go.

Would you believe Perez Hilton's site started as a blog? His gossip website has earnt him a fortune thanks to his exclusive knowledge and celebrity contacts.

We're not saying you have the same contacts as Perez, but you don't have to be a technical genius or teenage whiz kid to start a blog, and with the right tools, you could even make yourself some money.

The most obvious way to make money from your blog is to sell advertising space. After doing some research it seems the most popular method of doing this is through Google's AdSense. This is a free advertising programme which enables online bloggers to earn money by displaying ads on their site which are relevant to their written content. By allowing google to place an advert on your site you'll get a small amount of commission per click it gets. There are loads of similar programs which offer the same services.

Another popular way is by helping other people to sell their products. One of the most commonly used afflilate programs for this is Amazon. If you refer a reader to a site or company and they buy a product, you take a commission.

If you've established yourself as a successful blogger who knows their stuff, and have faithful readers that love your every word, the other way to make money is through yourself. Market your services and sell yourself if you have something to offer.  Use it as a platform to enhance your business or your products.

Happy blogging!


Alexandra Baracskai