Many couples still find money a more difficult subject than sex to talk about, according to a survey commissioned by the financial services authority.

Whilst the survey, of almost 1'500 people across the UK and Ireland said that they rarely argued, it showed that more than a third would rather talk about sex, or a previous relationship, than the state of their finances.

‘Money is a very difficult subject to talk about,’’ said Vernon Everitt, director of retail themes at the FSA.
‘‘But ignoring financial problems can make them worse.’’

The survey also found that around a third of people lied to their partners about how much they spent on a credit cards and 35% were kept awake at night, worrying about money.

Almost 30% of men said that they would rather talk about their partners personal appearance than talk about money.

"Not knowing how to bring up the subject of money with a loved one without sounding accusatory, mean or overly serious can cause incredible relationship stress,’’ the FSA said, quoting psychologist Christine Webber.