Use these tips to help you save a thousand pound a year

Use these tips to help you save a thousand pound a year

Hagglers save themselves an average of £1,347 a year from discounts on cars, holiday, mobiles, and other purchases – and now it’s time we learned their tricks of the trade.

While this emerging haggling class is making big savings, 89% of Brits are still failing to barter a better price on a regular basis.

For this reason has launched The Negotiation Academy - - a free to use online research packed full of advice from four negotiation experts.

Here are ten top tips from Dr Sandi Mann who will teach you how to haggle with confidence. 

1.     Ask: What have you got to lose?

2.     Prepare:  Take a couple of minutes to relax. Slow your breathing down and focus your mind on what you want to achieve.

3.     Be aware: Avoid being lured into ploys that get you emotionally attached to an item and don’t fall for limited availability offers. These are rarely genuine.

4.     Body language: Watch out for ‘leakage’, when your extremities - hands and feet, give you away. Learn to hide these tells.

5.     Confident language:  Avoid hesitant ("isn't it", "you know") and ‘powerless’ language (eg. tag questions like “don’t you think?”). Instead use positives rather than negatives (“can you?” instead of “can't you?”) to get what you want.

6.     Make friends:  Engage the salesperson as an individual. Ask a few questions to disarm them and they’ll be more likely to do you a good deal.

7.     Good cop, bad cop: Shop with a friend. One of you can point out flaws to drive the bargain, while the other’s enthusiasm will reassure the retailer you’re interested.

8.     Mirroring: People you mirror (through body stance, hand movements etc.) subconsciously feel more empathy with you.

9.     Don’t over argue: If you offer too many reasons to explain what you want, your persuasive efforts may well backfire.

10.  The power of silence: If all else fails, be quiet - we all hate awkward silence and retailers included will do anything to avoid it!

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