Peter Andre's Ferrari is called Fezza...

Peter Andre's Ferrari is called Fezza...

Whether it's your first or your fifth, the chances are that you have given your car a pet name. Inspired by your favourite celebrity or simply based on the initial of its number plate, almost a quarter of us that give our car a name.

Research revealed by indicates that the faves among those names are Charlie and Ruby and around half of Brits believe their car to be part of the family.

As well as naming, the survey finds that 33% of owners befriend and have conversations with their car on a regular basis.bChats can include anything from frustrations when on the road to relationships and personal problems.

In a bid to get the nation to take better care of their cars, has created an online car name generator, which automatically generates a name for your car.

By simply answering a few questions about your car including colour, personality, number of years you've had it. You can print out a certificate which can be kept as part of the vehicle documents and passed onto the next owner.

The general feeling among Brits is that their car is a female with a personality that is sensible, cute and playful. 16% of men see their female cars as sexy and mischievous.

And it's not just the general public that like to name their cars, as some celebrities do the same. Including:

Barack Obama's Ford Escape Hybrid: The Beast

Lady Gaga's Rolls Royce: Bloody Mary

Paris Hilton's Bentley: Lady Penelope

Peter Andre's Ferrari: Fezza

Sebastian Vettel's Red Bull F1 car: Kinky Kylie

Richard Hammond's Land Rover's: Gertie and Buster

Jools Holland's Jaguar: Jools

It is unsurprising that the Royal Wedding has had an effect on the names that people are giving their cars as both Pippa and Kate make the top 10 girl names and Harry and William in the male list. Additionally, Harper makes the female list of names, more than likely as a result of the recent arrival of little baby Beckham last month.

Top 10 most popular car names

Male Names Female names

1) Charlie       1) Ruby

2) Jack           2) Lily

3) Harry          3) Pippa

4) Noah          4) Jessica

5) Oliver         5) Grace

6) Thomas      6) Olivia

7) William       7) Kate

8) Joshua        8) Emily

9) Daniel         9) Harper

10) Billy          10) Betty


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