Are you in the market for a new motor? Have you been searching through endless adverts of 2nd hand cars and still can’t find one that’s practical enough for your active lifestyle?

Pickup Trucks

Pickup Trucks

Yep, we bet you’ve thought about pickup truck ownership. These versatile machines are capable of nearly everything, performing well as family transport and as durable workhorses, smashing long distances on the road and conquering the wilderness off it.

Pickups come in a wide variety of types and sizes. Some are as well-equipped as modern SUVs while others are focused on work, with easy-to-clean interiors and great towing capability.

Below we’ll offer the pros and cons of a pickup truck before offering some advice as to whether you should choose one.

Pickup truck pros

  • They’re rough and tough, with strong ladder-frame chassis construction and four-wheel drive systems that give them the ability to perform well off-road
  • Big beds make it perfect for tradespeople, farmers and other professions…
  • While also offering a lot of room for lifestyle buyers with their canoes and bikes
  • Most come with 4x4, making them good at scrambling across muddy fields and sand
  • Five seat models available, making them a practical family run-around
  • Some come with the latest tech you’d find in a car, such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Most come under the same tax rules as vans. Which means they can offer big road tax and company car tax savings compared with many regular car

Pickup truck cons

  • Broadly they’re pretty big. Which means they’re more difficult to park and far less fuel efficient than a modern SUV
  • Ride comfort is generally a lot worse than a SUV too. Thanks to the high suspension, you tend to bounce around
  • Heavier pickups, including some Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux models, will be subject to van speed limits, which are lower on many roads than they are for cars
  • The load bed may be easy to clean but it’s also more difficult to secure and keep dry compared with a conventional van
  • Big, bold looks might mark you out as someone who is outdoorsy. Or it might just look like you’re trying too hard to be in Texas rather than Tadcaster. 

Is buying a pickup truck worth it?

If you’re self-employed, a pickup truck can provide you with some tax savings because some are technically classed as commercial vehicles. So, if you truly hate paying tax, a pickup truck could be a good idea.

If you regularly tow stuff, carry outdoorsy lifestyle kit or visit the tip once a week, a pickup might also be a good shout.

However, if you have a couple of kids and need to do the shopping in it, you’re probably better off with an SUV. They pretty much drive like a car (unlike a pickup), have a big boot and are capable off-road. Whereas pickups can be a pain to live with day-to-day with their van-like interiors and agricultural ride.

One thing to consider would be to have an SUV or normal car for everyday stuff, and a van for chucking bikes and bin bags into.



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