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Driving on the open road can be one of the most exhilarating ways to travel.

Yet take your car to a built up area - with its traffic, congestion and potential hazards at every turn - and it can become a stressful affair.

Here are some tips on how to drive safely in a busy city to help keep those stress levels down.

Plan Your Route

Navigating a busy city can be a quagmire at the best of times, so it is essential you know exactly where you are going to avoid the symphony of blaring car horns when you spot your turn at the last minute.

Plan your route in advance and take a Satnav or an A-Z to figure it out on the fly.

Observe Local Speed

Make sure you keep an eye out for local speed limit signs. It is generally wise to drive at slower speeds - not more than 20mph - in built up areas, as there are generally more people who could step out into the road.

Also, make sure you don’t drive in bus lanes, as this could leave you faced with an angry bus driver - or worse, a fine.

Yield Right Of Way

Lots of accidents in cities happen at intersections, so to avoid having to call on your car insurance provider, make sure you give right of way to the appropriate direction.

Observe red lights and don’t try and speed through an amber light, as this is a main cause of accidents.

Look Out For Other Types Of Road Users

In busy cities there are lots more cyclists around and with the abundance of buildings and cars, there are a lot more blind spots from which cyclists can emerge to take you by surprise.

Be very careful when you stop at traffic lights and when turning to take in what is around you.


Parking spots in busy cities are generally scarcer, so make sure you know where you can park before you get to your destination.

Remember that double yellow - and double red - lines are generally enforced very strictly in built up cities and ignoring them even for short periods can prove costly.

On-street parking with a meter can be very expensive, so if you are going somewhere for more than half an hour, finding a suitable parking spot on Parkopedia. Check their website before you head to your destination.

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