In our quest to find you your perfect affordable ‘Luxury Car’ match, we look at the latest from car makers Lexus – The Lexus LC500 Convertible.

The Lexus LC500 Convertible

The Lexus LC500 Convertible

You are a successful person with a successful career, earning a higher income, and are now in a position to be able to enjoy the rewards of your success.

Top of the list of luxurious must haves will be the car that you drive; it should reflect your new-found status, it should demonstrate this to others, it will be exclusive, built to exacting standards, boost your self-esteem, and by doing all of these things, it is a car that you feel passionate about.

Lexus have a first-class reputation for producing indisputable luxurious cars, so we decided to take them up on offer to put their newest model through its paces.

We decided to see how the Lexus LC500 would score against the criteria, here is what we found:

Kerb appeal

The Lexus LC500 kerb appeal is just jaw-dropping, low, sleek; a true sports car sitting on huge, highly polished alloys, it just looks sensational. When you start the engine, it turns over with a head-turning, throaty roar before settling down to an understated rumble that belies the power at your fingertips; or should we say under your right foot?


When you slip into the vehicle your smile will remain, with its original design style and quality materials it can only be described as a luxurious motor to enjoy.

The LC500 is spacious for both front seat passengers, but the back seats coupled with the low head room are really only suitable for small kids. The boot - although small - will comfortably take standard luggage for two people.

Getting into a comfortable driving position is easy, the front seats have height adjustment, lumber adjustments all as standard and slide well back on their runners. An electrically adjustable steering wheel that adjusts for rake and reach further enhances comfort levels.

Both the heated seats and heated steering wheel come with ventilation functions as standard to stop you over heating during hot weather.

The LC500 also has a somewhat unconventional dashboard layout which can take some getting used to, but after a bit of familiarisation we soon got used to this and it was easy to use from then on.

Soft-top controls are in the centre panel, a concealed trigger that lifts the roof which can be carried out at speeds of up to 30mph, very helpful if you get caught in a shower.


The infotainment system sits in the centre of the dash with a 10.3-inch crystal clear display, positioned alongside the analogue clock.

The Lexus infotainment touchpad is well set out, although it is a bit sensitive so keep your touch light – nothing heavy handed here. It also incorporates a feedback feel like you are using an actual button, we loved it.

Other than the radio, this good looking unit also houses media and navigation functions; even your heated seats and minor climate controls are in here. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are included. The 915W 13 speaker system is a real diamond giving crystal clear sound and distortion free bass.

Driving and handling

The LC500 fits the Lexus description perfectly, comfortable cruising eating up the miles in comfort with a smooth, absorbent, precise ride.

The multi-adjustable seats are a dream, the drivetrain so refined with road and engine noise properly suppressed, as you'd expect from a range-topping luxury brand.

To lift yourself out of all this peaceful refinement flick the Lexus into Sport mode or the even better the optional Sports + mode if fitted and feel the V8 start to display its true sports colours. The engine starts to emit a sporty growl, performance is effortless, acceleration is rapid, cornering and grip is so precise as the drivetrain adjusts and becomes stunningly slick in its operation.

The auto lever can appear a bit fiddly at first, but once you get used to it, it’s so easy to use and the paddles make precise control even better.


 The Lexus LC500 has a long list of safety features as standard that include six airbags and the below list of active safety assists:

  • Autonomous emergency braking with forward collision warning
  • All-speed adaptive cruise control
  • Lane-keeping assist
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Rear cross-traffic alert
  • Auto dipping headlights

On test

We took our Lexus LC500 on a number of long journeys from the Manchester and Liverpool in the North West to Lancaster and the Lake District, across to Yorkshire and Leeds and back.

On these journeys the Lexus was an utter pleasure to drive dealing with the demands of motorway driving conditions while just at home and easy to handle around town with its parking aides to enable you to get into the tightest spots.

One of the main practical considerations we take into account is arriving at our destination fresh and ready whether for work or play and on this score, regardless of road or weather threw at us the Lexus LC500 not only achieved that and more but also in stylish stand out way.


In our opinion the Lexus LC500 ticks all the boxes for a luxury car. How it’s perceived, just looking at it and sitting in it, then to drive the car you cannot find fault with the design, the product, the technology, build quality, and the cars overall luxurious feel. The Lexus LC500 draws attention bringing in comments such as ‘you must be doing well to have a car like that”. It is exclusive; it is a car we were able to feel passionate about.

The phrase I often use which sums things up is does the car look after people, its driver, its passengers, well the Lexus and in particular the LC500 we all agree certainly does. Lexus have produced in the LC500 a luxury car that answers all the questions for an aspirational luxury motor, the competition have a lot to live up to well done Lexus.

The Lexus LC 500 convertible should be at the top of your shopping list – a fast stylish sports car that’s hugely desirable and will make you the envy of all your friends.