The Peel P50 Drives Up The Top Gear Rankings

Remember when Jeremy Clarkson gave us a laugh on telly’s Top Gear, driving the world’s tiniest production car, the quirky British hand-built Peel P50, to work – literally into his office? This fun clip has now gone down in history as the 5th greatest moment ever in the popular motoring programme – and arguably the funniest film Top Gear has ever made.

The video of the Peel P50’s star performance in Series 10, Episode 3 of Top Gear has been rated top of the pops on the show’s website by viewers from all over the world.

“It certainly was an unforgettable experience for all involved,” said Faizal Khan of Peel Engineering, who, with his partner, Gary Hillman, resurrected the firm on the Isle of Man that originally manufactured the novel little one-seater Peel cars.

The pair caught the attention of dynamic entrepreneur James Caan, who decided to “adopt” Peel Engineering when the partners pitched their business to the panel on the popular BBC TV Dragons’ Den Show. It was Mr Caan’s final investment through the show before he stepped down from the panel.

With Mr Caan’s expertise and financial investment, Peel Engineering took off on the road to fame and fortune with its three-wheeler micro-machines  – including the now legendary appearance on Top Gear.

The partners are exceedingly busy at present, filling orders for the first ever petrol version road legal Peel, available as a limited edition.

“Just as we thought, they are being snapped up, but we are still taking orders on our website,” said Mr Khan. The petrol Peel P50 does between 180 and 200 miles to the gallon, sports a 49cc engine and a top speed of 40 mph, selling at £14,995 (excluding shipping and delivery).

The Peels come in eco-friendly electric versions too, capable of travelling up to 50 miles between charges and reaching speeds in excess of 35mph

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