Sat navs can help you avoid these

Sat navs can help you avoid these

Traditional maps are being shunned for the technological sat navs, but these are causing arguments whilst in the car.

Growing numbers of British motorists rely on the sat nav to get them to their destinations, but a sixth of people questions blame them as the cause of frayed tempers and short fuses.

Seventy per cent of Brits will be 'staycationing' this summer, meaning that more couples and families will be attempting to navigate their way along the country's roads to get to holiday destinations.

Even though they found the sat navs to cause tension in the car, one third of Brits feel that they've made their lives easier.

A brave one in six revealed that they preferred to shun maps and sat navs entirely, and trust their own instinct to get them from A to B. guide to a stress free sat nav experience:

- If you have a sat nav, always load your journey details before you set off.

- Learn the functions on your satnav. This will help if you quickly want to turn the sound on or off, or find your nearest petrol station.  

- Update the software every 6 months. Make sure you have the latest road information on your nav.

- Fast or short?  Some sat navs have the function to select the fastest or nearest journey, what is most important to you at the moment?  You might want to try the scenic route for a change.

- Avoid the traffic. The latest satnavs have live feeds and can avoid traffic jams so it might be time for an upgrade.

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