To a generation of schoolboys dreaming of burning rubber, handbrake turns and turbo-charged engines, it was the card game of choice.

Now Top Trumps - first launched in Britain 30 years ago - is going green.

A new limited edition version of the iconic school playground game has been produced, one that includes only eco-friendly vehicles and has been developed by climate change charity Marches Energy Agency in association with Winning Moves, the Top Trumps company.

Whereas engine size and horsepower used to be winning features on the key trump cards, now lowest CO2 emissions, fuel efficiency and greatest number of seats are superior.

So, out go the Porsches and the Ferraris and in come hybrids and electric motors.

As part of the message that there are a wide range of green transport alternatives - and thanks to the support of David James, England’s goalkeeper whose car runs on plant oil, - a pack of the cards will be distributed free to every secondary school in the country. Well my pack arrived and they are brilliant especially the electric Telsla, that has a top speed of 133mph, or the Killacycle that does 0-60mph in under one second.

A limited number of the packs will be available on Ebay to raise money for the climate change charity and I suggest you bid, for this is a great way to educate our children on eco- friendly cars as well as us.

FemaleFirst - Jackie Violet