We all know that the daily commute can be a nightmare. No matter how much you love your car, sitting stationary in a traffic jam is never enjoyable. Workers in the UK have the second longest average daily commute in Europe with many commuters adding an extra working day each week through travel. The average daily commute is 8.7 miles taking a total of 54 minutes and 71% of the 25 million commuters travel by car*.

However, there are ways to make the time spent on your journey more relaxing and useful, from taking the opportunity to do some exercise to creating a pleasant smelling environment with Ambi Pur Car 2Switch. New Ambi Pur Car 2Switch is the first in-car air freshener that allows you to choose between two fragrances. Available in one stylish device, complete with two bottles of perfume, you can manually switch between the two fragrances to complement your mood. Ambi Pur Car 2Switch is available in two invigorating variants of Mountain Drive and Asian Cruise. Mountain Drive allows you to select either the aroma of fresh water or the embracing scent of freshly cut wood whilst Asian Cruise allows you to switch between the fragrances of fresh wet grass and exotic ginger.

And to help make your daily commute here are 10 simple tips to make it less stressful:

1. Prepare in advance One of the best ways to reduce road rage is to prepare the night before. Get ready as much as possible in the previous evening so you can make your morning less stressful and get in the car earlier and more relaxed. 2. Sleep well and wake up early A good night's sleep rejuvenates the body. Ensure you relax leading up to bedtime as if you are stressed when you try to sleep it will effect the quality of your sleep and your mood the next day. 3. Juggle your work hours If possible try to avoid roads when everyone else is using them. It may seem obvious but if you can juggle your working hours so that you avoid rush hour traffic do! 4. Create a comfortable atmosphere For many of us our car is one of the rare spaces where we get some time to ourselves. So make your car your haven, ensure that you keep the inside clean and tidy. Another good tip is to make sure that your car has a relaxing smell, why not try new Ambi Pur Car 2Switch so you can change the fragrance to suit your mood. 5. "Cocoon" in your car Make sure you are not focused on being stuck in a traffic jam. Instead use the time to do something that you enjoy, listen to music or the radio. If you like to read but are time-poor consider audio books. 6. Wriggle! Ensure that you adjust your position. Sitting still for more than 15 minutes can stiffen your back and moving around reduces the strain. You could even do some exercises such as shoulder rolls and neck extensions will help you to stay awake and relax. 7. Work out after work The evening rush hour often feels worse than the morning because of the compounded fatigue from the workday so it is best to wait out the traffic. Work out at a gym near your office or take meditation classes to relieve your stress. If you plan to go out in the evening, try to plan things near work, delaying your departure enough to miss the traffic jams. 8. Give yourself a break We all like days off, so when you are off work ensure that you are not driving for a lot of the time and especially not during rush hours. 9. Move your office If your job means that you experience a long drive in heavy traffic everyday, enquire whether your company would allow you to work from home for a couple of days a week. 10. Occasionally change your routine An occasional change of commuting habits may be advisable too. Try walking or cycling for a change if possible or alternatively take a different route. This not only eases the boredom of a repetitive drive it will make your journey safer, as you will have a higher level of concentration.