Women's Car Insurance Lies

Women's Car Insurance Lies

If you have an accident and it is your fault, would you own up or pretend that you were in the right? It seems that if research produced this week is correct then the fairer sex are guilty of looking for anything else to blame when involved in an accident behind the wheel.

It seems that us women will rarely take the responsibility in the event of a car crash, while men are said to be more likely to hold their hands up and accept when they are wrong.

The research was conducted by Young Marmalade, and out of the two thousand people interviewed it was revealed that one in five women claimed there was a problem with the car, while thirty one percent blamed the weather, conditions of the road and other drivers.

It seems that women also have a far higher opinion of the way they drive too, with  ninety four percent of female drivers claiming that they are really good, as opposed to just seventy six percent of men.

A third of men admitted that when faced with a motorists bad driving they will swear and flash their lights, whereas fifty six percent of women admitted to doing the same

Some interesting excuses for accident have included "a moth flew into my eye" and "at 8:15 I drove out of my driveway straight into a bus. It was the fault of the bus for being fifteen minutes late", with drivers failing to take responsibility for their dangerous driving.

And women need to be more accountable for their mistakes rather than making up excuses to absolve themselves of blame.

It seems that men however are more likely to take more risks and break the law when they ate driving, meaning that they are more likely to jump the lights, a term dubbed "amber gamblers" (forty percent of men compared to eight percent of women) and are as much as twice as likely to exceed the speed limit.

Despite all these facts, men are still seventy percent as likely to have a crash then their female counterparts, and this is why it is cheaper to obtain Car Insurance if you are female.

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