Take extra care when driving abroad

Take extra care when driving abroad

Almost three in five Brits that have driven while on holiday abroad admit that they have made mistakes on foreign roads.

Are you one of them?

Getting lost tops the list of blunders and one in 10 say they have gone round a roundabout the wrong way and worringly 9 per cent, also confessed to trying to wind the window down instead of changing gear.

According to the poll of British adults, men are the worst drivers when it comes to making errors in foreign countries.

"Even though women have historically been given the reputation of being bad drivers, this survey shows that it's men who aren't so prepared when it comes to driving on foreign roads," says Andrew Shorrock, assistant product manager at an online car hire comparison site, carhiremarket.com.

Those from London and the North West would be wise to be extra prepared if they plan to hire a car abroad, as the have been awarded the 'worst region for errors' title.

If you are looking to hire a car or drive abroad, follow the carhiremarket.com tips for driving:

1. Plan ahead and leave plenty of time for your journey
2. Make sure you invest in a map of the area before setting off
3. Get enough sleep so you are relaxed and can concentrate on the road ahead
4. Try and always have a passenger with you who can map read while you concentrate on the road
5. Be wary of local drivers who will be much more confident than you

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