If you ever thought road rage was just constrained to irate drivers losing the plot with each other think again. The most unlikely target is, would you believe, those wonderful, committed dedicated people - lollipop ladies - and gents for there are a few of them too.

So bad has the road rage become between drivers and lollipop ladies, that lollipop ladies across the UK are to be equipped with cameras hidden in their poles after a spate of incidents in which drivers sped past them or beat them up.

The LGA London Government Association estimate that there are 1,400 ‘lollipop rage’ incidents each year, which range from not stopping to assaults.

I simply cannot believe anyone would harm mentally or physically a lollipop lady who gives up her time every day whatever the weather to ensure that children cross the road safely to their schools.

Well some motorists do so these cameras, activated when the pole touches the ground, are then pointed at the offending cars. The drivers can then be located and punished.

Successful trials have been carried out by at least 10 local authorities including Hillingdon in west London, Huddersfield and Dudley in the west Midlands.

David Sparks, transport spokesman for the Local Government Association, said he expected all councils would buy the poles, which cost around £900 each.

Drivers who disobey a ‘lollipop’ can face a maximum £1,000 fine and three points on their licence.

There should be far harsher penalties here including at least one month’s stint working as a lollipop lady both morning and afternoons.

That will teach them

Jackie Violet - Female First