Whilst almost half the driving population* in the UK are female, less than 20% of the used car history checks completed by HPI,  the UK’s leading independent vehicle information specialists,  were conducted by women. 4 in 5 women surveyed by HPI believed understanding the vehicle’s history was the most important thing when buying a used car**, yet when buying from the trade, many had to ask to see this information rather than it being volunteered automatically as part of the buying process. 

“Whilst female buyers are just as aware as their male counterparts of the pitfalls of buying in the used car market, they feel much more vulnerable about putting themselves through the buying experience,” explains Nicola Johnson, Business Manager for HPI. “But it is really worrying that so many of the female car buyers we surveyed said they would rather place the onus on the car dealer, their husband or male friends to actively check out a vehicle and seek confirmation of its history.  

“It really isn’t as daunting as it first appears. By completing an HPI Check female motorists can arm themselves with information and advice to help avoid any nasty surprises later down the line, which is a wise investment during these days of belt-tightening. Our team of experienced advisors fully appreciate how intimidating buying a car can be, and will ensure all buyers are as knowledgeable and confident as possible about their purchase decision. If female callers are apprehensive about buying a used car, they can get independent and unbiased advice from HPI, with supporting information and help available on our website.” 

The HPI Check looks at all the key registers, including whether a vehicle is on outstanding finance (a high risk for buyers as car owners begin to feel the financial pinch), as well as if the vehicle has been stolen, written-off or clocked. If any areas of concern are flagged, HPI will walk customers through how to address them, supported by its dedicated Investigations Team. Another useful bargaining tool is the valuation, included as standard, which will give buyers an idea of the market value of the vehicle, and provide a benchmark with which to start negotiations.

Nicola Johnson concludes:  “It should never be underestimated how powerful arming yourself with research, including the HPI Certificate, can be in boosting your confidence.  It will give you a greater ability to take the lead in the sales discussions with a dealership or a private vendor. And with the results of an HPI Check covered by a £30,000 guarantee***, women have everything they need to buy a great used car."

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