Don't let heat affect your driving

Don't let heat affect your driving

Hot weather may make us feel happy, but it somehow affects our motoring skills.

New research by Kia Motors shows that over a third have had an accident during the summer, whilst nearly one in 10 speed more when temperatures soar.

Maybe it's a good thing that we don't always get the best weather here then?

Fourteen per cent of motorists admit to driving worse when the sun is shining, with the most common reason being that they get hot and flustered.

Anger levels also rise as the heat does and tempers are also flared by too many cars being on the road.

According to the report, nearly half of the UK road users are distracted during the summer months by other motorists driving badly. Other factors that can preoccupy motorists minds include 27 per cent find talking to passengers a diversion, and a further one in five are distracted by singing along to music.

"Whilst the summer sun is guaranteed to life the mood of the natin it is clear that Brit's can't take the heat," says Steve Kitson, communications director at Kia Motors UK.

"Although hot weather in the UK is often rare, it has the effect of getting drivers flustered as there are more distractions on the road. Kia urges all drivers to show care and diligence at all times no matter what the weather or in fact whatever day of the week.

It seems that it's not just the thrill of the road that gets pulses racing as 24 per cent confess to being distracted whilst looking at an attractive person walking down the street. Men are the biggest culprits with one quarter admitting to letting their eyes wander, whilst just 12 per cent of women find their attention diverted.

The report findings show that the average UK driver is distracted 1.84 times each day, resulting in 85 per cent of the nation having experienced one or more road accidents in their lifetime.

Getting drivers hot and bothered behing the wheel is the cost of an impact, with drivers having to foot an average bill of £635 to repair a car following damage.

Don't let this be you. Make sure that you wind the windows down or turn up the air con as soo as you get a little hot and bothered.

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