With the festive season nearly upon us, nights out are high on the agenda. However, motorists take heed

A new Drink Drive survey undertaken by Morning After Breathalyser manufacturer AlcoSense revealed that no less than 96% of respondents underestimated the number of units of alcohol in a pint of (6%ABV) lager.

97% of respondents also underestimated the number of units in a 250ml glass of wine (13%ABV). Both drinks in fact contain 3.4 units.

The most popular answer was 2 units that is, in fact, almost half of the correct alcoholic content.

With the current Drink Drive law meaning that there is an effect a 2 unit limit, then people are totally unaware that they are putting themselves, their licences and the lives of others at risk, by driving while over the drink drive limit.

Now the problem does not rest there for the chances are you may still be over the limit the next morning.

Tale tale signs like the hangover from hell may give a slight indication, but unless you have a device like AlcoSense you are none the wiser.

Alcohol takes at lest 12 hours to leave your system but this can vary on individual size and weight etc.

Trouble is, if you are still over the limit and have to do the school run, would you knowingly risk it?

Thereby lies a question and a half.

Jackie Violet – Female First