What annoys you on the road?

What annoys you on the road?

What do you get when you team up a BMW driver, a white van and a yummy mummy in a 4x4? Annoying.

New research from used car search website Motors.co.uk reveals the most common bugbears of the nation’s drivers, as almost half of those surveyed hailed the classic white van man as being the most aggravating driver on Britain’s roads.

The ‘Emotional Response to Driving’ study from the website, which appointed YouGov to survey 2,300 UK adults on typical motoring nuisances, saw the stressed mother on the school run in her 4x4 slot closely behind on the annoyance scale. When asked about other things that really grind their gears while behind the wheel:

·         Drivers of expensive cars, such as BMW’s and Range Rovers were cited as being customary irritations for British motorists

·         People cutting them up and slow driving were seen as the most common types of rage inducing driving behaviour

·         OAP’s, cyclists and taxi drivers were all equally sure to get drivers’ blood boiling

·         Baby on Board stickers, hearing politicians on the radio and having to slow down for lollipop ladies and children also emerged as some of the more unusual triggers for driving stress

Phill Jones, Commercial Director, Motors.co.uk commented: “We all have something that gets under our skin when we’re driving: be it someone hogging the road in their 4x4, a slow driver holding up the traffic, or frankly even someone in a flash car that you’re just jealous of.  Our research shows that driving can be stressful and a number of stereotypes can exaggerate or trigger the stress.  We encourage people to take a deep breath when driving and stay calm.”

On the flip side, the poll revealed that the most ‘likeable’ motorists included drivers of Fiats, Renaults and Toyotas.

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