Honda's Accord Model

Honda's Accord Model

Honda celebrates its 65th year with a new Youtube video.

 This brand new video follows Honda’s most successful innovations from the engineer’s point of view.

The engineer’s hands are central to the video and they make each product consecutively, from heritage products such as the 2RC143 bike up to the new 2013 Honda TT Legends Fireblade and the HB25 leafblower.

Honda also demonstrates its pioneering technologies with the tribute. These include a car which emits only water, to be known as the FCX Clarity car. The company aims to release this in 2015.

 This environmentally friendly vehicle comes as part of its NSX series. The series began life in 1990 with Honda’s road sports car which was developed with Aytron Senna.

The video has already gone viral since its release. It currently has more than 4 million views.

In a press release to Female First, Honda said that the video aims not only to demonstrate what the company has achieved in its 65-year history but also what it hopes to achieve in the future.

The Youtube video covers the wide range of products that Honda has fore-fronted in their long history, including cars, motorbikes, planes and even ASIMO the robot.

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