Eat on the move

Eat on the move

Motorists with the munchies can now tuck into their favourite snack on the go, thanks to the new In-Car Microwave from electronics retailer, Maplin.

Compact and portable, this handy in-car gadget delivers high speed cooking times, revving up to provide tasty meals on the move in a matter of minutes. Whether you are a long-distance driver or just love life in your motor, you can tuck into a slice of pizza in only two minutes, or a hot cup of coffee in three minutes.

This stylish unit can be powered via a 12V cigarette lighter socket, or direct from a vehicle’s battery, and comes with both leads supplied.

With a robust steel construction and heavy-duty handle, it even has an LED screen which features touch screen technology.

The microwave can give up to 660W of power if connected directly to a car battery, and 175W of power if connected via a cigarette lighter socket. The new In-Car Microwave (product code: A86HU) is available from Maplin at an introductory price of £99.99 (normal RRP £129.99) until September 2nd 2008, at its network of over 150 stores across the UK and Ireland. Shoppers can also buy online at or call 0844 557 6000 to purchase via mail order from the Maplin catalogue. I do not believe this. With all the new laws about careless driving possibly resulting in prison sentences, a company goes and produces a microwave for the car!

It beggars belief

Jackie Violet – Female First