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Sat Nav

In our latest survey we asked our visitors what they thought about their Sat Navs.

The survey concluded that 52% of the respondents had little faith in the robot voiced lady guiding them through the roads of the UK. Over 25% struggled to get the co-ordinates right some even recieving instructions on how to get to their destination in another country.

Interesting fact of the 'distrusters' almost tree quaters (69%) were men. It seemed that maen predominantly felt they had in their genetics better navigation skills than the sat nav.

In a similar survey carried out by insurance company Be Wiser Insurance their results had half (49%) of road users still don't have faith in their sat navs, with most spending much of their time trying to second guess them,

But the survey revealed that of the 51% who do trust their sat navs many felt they were a life saver, removing the stress and anxiety of getting lost.

Mark Bower-Dyke speaking on behalf of the company Be Wiser Insurance who carried out the survey says "Satellite navigation really comes into its own when you have to navigate dark country roads you've never been down, or battle with a baffling lane system in a city you've not visited before. The less stress there is on the roads, the better it is for everyone!"

So although sat navs have come a long way the manufacturers still have a sizable task ahead convincing the buying public of the ability of the product.

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