Carspring, a new online retailer, has launched in the UK and is set to transform the way people buy and sell second hand cars.

Max Vollenbroich

Max Vollenbroich

A mobile, laptop or tablet now allows the safe purchase of an expert qualified used vehicle, making cars the latest big ticket item that people can safely shop for in their pyjamas.

The days of people trawling multiple car dealerships, or driving the breadth of the country just to be disappointed by an old banger are now a thing of the past. Carspring will deliver a fully inspected car directly to the doorstep within a week from purchase, and buyers have a 14-day money back guarantee if they're not fully satisfied.

"Today, e-commerce is king, but the second hand car market has struggled to evolve with the digital age, in the way we've seen happen in most other sectors", says Carspring founder, Max Vollenbroich.

7.2 million used cars were sold last year in the UK , and currently, 85 per cent of all car buyers still feel the need to visit a dealership in the final decision making stages. Max, who previously worked at McKinsey & Co and led one of the most detailed research reports in automotive retail, attributes this to a lack of trust in existing online used car platforms and the fact that such big ticket items are at stake.

Max says: "People would visit a dealership five times before making up their mind, but now they're window shopping online and only go out to 'test drive' their chosen car to settle their decision on such a pricey item. But with Carspring, there's no need to do even that, as our experts vet the cars themselves before they appear on our website and we offer a full refund if the customer isn't happy."

The company says it wants people to think of it as their 'car concierge' service that can steer them through the plethora of models on offer, wade through the jargon and cut through the confusion of pricing and hidden costs.

For sellers, Carspring agrees a fixed fee, will send a mechanic to inspect the vehicle and will take care of the entire sales process, without the need for buyers turning up on the doorstep. What is more, the company will buy the car directly if it doesn't sell on the website within 30 days.

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