The announcement of a new M car remains a rare and exciting occasion, and the launch of the new BMW M6 in 2005 will reveal a potent new combination of BMW engineering and M power

Hot on the heels of the new M5, and taking lightweight design solutions from the M3CSL, the new M6 combines supercar presence with grand touring potential. Joining an exclsive club, the Fourth new M car of the decade sets a new performance benchmark for a production car. The beauty of the M6 is also in it's ability to comfortably crush Kilometres on a cross country cruise.

The BMW M6 is the standard bearer for BMW's M car range, as well as the return of a much loved and Highly regarded badge. The latest M car features;

  • 5.0 Litre V10 producing 750bhp
  • Seven speed SMG (personally programmable
  • Lightweight body panels including carbon fibre roof
  • 0-60mph in 4.6 seconds / 62-0 on 36 metres
  • 155mph top speed (Limited)
  • MDrive Manager control settings

    Like it's predecessor - the legendary 1985 M635CS1 - The new M6 resets the sports GT benchmark, with supercar performance, dispatching the zero to 62mph spring in 4.6 seconds and achieving a limited top speed of 155mph. If deristricted, the M6would be capable of speeds over 200mph. During tests at the famous Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit, the M6 regularly colcked Eight minute lap times. These rareified performance statistics are, however, backed up by real world efficiency and economy - the new M6 delivers a combined EU fuel consumption of 19.0 MPG and a CO2 rating of 375g/km.

    Powered by the same 5l engine that sets new standards in the M5, the 507bhp power output ensures that the new M6 maintains the M car tradition of breaking the 100bhp per litre benchmark. Peak power is delivered at 7,750rpm with the redline at 8,250rpm. This engine is capable of delivering an accelerationg force of 0.6g and the whole thing is overseen by three 32 bit processors which handle over 200 million pieces of information in a second. Each of the engines ten cylinders is scanned 200 times per second, equating to a smooth, safe and hassle free ride for the driver

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