Chrysler Grand Voyager.

Chrysler Grand Voyager.

The requirements for a successful full sized multipurpose vehicle MPV aren't exactly rocket science.

First requirement space, plenty of it, easy handling as it is usually a children's mode of transport and up to six at a time then top quality safety features are a must.Add in practicality, reliability and fuel economy and hey presto the perfect MPV.

Chryslers Voyager does encompass these attributes initially the early versions were fuel guzzling monster trucks that lacked refinements and handled in a manner akin to sailing a barge . The latest version of the Grand Voyager gets these fundamentals right and includes a lot more luxury than its predecessors.

With two engine choices although the 190 bhp 3.8 litre V6 still maintains the early versions need for constant refuelling so it would be best avoided given its thirst and emissions but the excellent 2.8 litre turbo diesel provides for the eco-responsible driver and looks certain to be the most popular with the buying public.

As MPVs stand or fall on their practicality any failing to measure up are doomed to fall by the wayside A quick study of the MPV sales charts will demonstrate that size matters and that is certainly were the Grand Voyager scores high.

It is seriously big seating seven with space to spare they have also incorporated the 'stow and go' seating system which means that the vehicle can be transformed from a seven seater  to a two seater in less than  30 seconds. All of the seats store in the floor, it’s not as if you will need to clutter your garage up with them as you had to in the early models. .

Three trim levels are available if you are sensible and opt for the 2.8 litre crd diesel engine. The range starts off with the LX while the Touring sits in the middle and for all the whistles and flutes there is the Limited which is priced the same as the 3.8 litre petrol V6

Need To Knows

Chrysler Grand Voyager range
Prices £26,000 - £33,600 on the road
Insurance group 11e -13e
Co2emmissions CRD 247-302f/km performance CRD max speed 115 mph / 0-60mph 12.8 s
Fuel consumption crd (urban 22.1 mpg extra urban 38.7 mpg combined 30.4 mpg standard
Safety features twin front and six curtain airbags/ abs
You will need a big garage though L 5143 W 1953 H 1816mm

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