Singer/songwriter TOM WAITS is considering legal action against a European advertising company after they used music similar to his in a new car ad campaign.

Waits insists a new Danish ad for the Opel car line boasts music and a vocal resembling his own.

In a statement released through his record label EPITAPH, Waits says, "In answer to the many queries I have received: No, I did not do the Opel car commercial currently running on TV in Scandinavia.

"I have a long-standing policy against my voice or music being used in commercials and I have lawyers over there investigating my options.

"If I stole an Opel, Lancia or Audi, put my name on it and resold it, I'd go to jail, but over there they ask, you say 'No,' and they hire impersonators. They profit from the association and I lose - time, money, and credibility."

Waits has successfully fought several European advertisers representing car firms like Lancia and Audi who have aped his distinctive voice and unique style for commercials.

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