It's official, Women have taken over one of the last Male Bastions - Choosing a car. Ignore them (Women that is) At your peril

Even though, accordint to Volvo, Women account for only 14% of car purchases in the UK, the Female point of view presides.

According to the research, 80% of car buying descisions are now influenced by women.

Volvo's YCC was the first car to be developed by and all female team. It went on display at Islington business Centre on the 2nd of December. During a focus group at the initial stage of the YCC project, a US marketing expert Marti Barletta explained: "If you meet the expectations of a woman, you exceed the expectations of a man".

Research reveals this to be true, and the 'premium female buyer' is the most demanding customer. In this crucial sector, purchases by women have grown by 50% in the last five years. These women also tend to be younger (in their thirties) than their male colleagues.
While performance, prestige and style are still important, more practical items such as storage, easy maintenance, flexibility, good visibility and safety are now high on the priority list for the female customer.

In response to these findings, the Volvo YCC team created a car designed to meet the needs of all modern, independent people. It includes features such as:

Gull wing doors
Easier access and improved visibility

The combination of ergonomics and vision that recommend a seating position for each driver to ensure optimum vision while all controls are still within comfortable reach.

Choice & Flexibility
Personalised interior with inter-changeable carpets and seating

Smart Storage
Storage solutions for laptops and mobiles integrated into the interior, plus cinema-style rear seats to give more practical floor/load space

Easy maintenance
Easy-clean paint (dirt repellent); run flat tyres; exterior filler for screen wash; self diagnostics to book servicing, etc

Since revealing the YCC to the world, Volvo surveys show the YCC's runflat tyres, easy clean paint, smart storage solutions and exterior filling point washer fluid top the 'best features' lists for men as well as women.

Volvo has a long tradition in listening to demands of the female customer. "Since the eighties we have had a dedicated reference group of female Volvo staff and customers, whose job it is to give feedback and opinion on new product designs and features", said Hans-OLov Olsson, President and CEO of Volvo Cars.
"We appreciate the thoughts and sensitivity shown by any of our female employees and customers which, in the past few years, has led to the introduction of, among other things, better driving positions for short drivers, more knee room beneath the steering room, a storage system to hold shopping bags, a lighter tailgate and clearer identifying symbols for coolant, oil and washer fluid liquid."