Chrysler Ypsilon hatchback

The Chrysler Ypsilon is a five-door hatchback designed to compete in the same sector as the Polo, Fiat 500 and the Fiesta. The Ypsilon has an eye-catching look and interior styling that is different to the 'norm'. The Ypsilon is available with a 900cc twin-cylinder petrol, a 1.2 petrol and an economical 1.3 diesel. The small 900cc petrol is great in town but struggles on open roads, where the Ypsilon's soft handling shows.

Measuring just 12ft 7in in length and weighing a touch under a ton, the Ypsilon has a nippyness and versitility that is at odds to the claim of being a luxury-only brand. There’s the disconcerting impression of being supported somewhere above the wheels, but body roll is well controlled and the Ypsilon is a lot more fun to drive than it has a right to be. Nor does it understeer straight on at the earliest opportunity, as so many small cars are tuned to do.

The Ypsilon is suited to urban driving with a narrow body and small dimensions make the Ypsilon ideal for short journeys in and around town. Out on the open road, though, this Chrysler is a touch noisy, and with the soft suspension it struggles on country lanes and twisty back roads. The 900cc twin-cylinder TwinAir engine is very impressive, offering lots of character and plenty of mid-range grunt for safe overtaking.

Stylish interior

Inside, our Ypsilon was impressively comfortable,with great-looking leather bucket seats. The car is roomy in front, but the rear compartment is better at housing smaller adults (and two of them rather than three) than six-footers. The only criticism was some slightly flimsy-looking hard plastics.

Exterior styling of Ypsilon’s is pleasantly distinctive. and very Italian and should appeal to the stylish women; Chrysler designers have been successful at giving the car a coupé-like look, cleverly disguising its well proportioned second door.

We loved it - Chrysler have hit on a winner with the latest version of this wonderful, distinctive and stylish motor.

Despite the small dimensions, the Ypsilon features five doors. Customisation options are numerous, and buyers can even specify bi-colour paintwork if the striking styling isn’t enough on its own. Prices start at £10,640.

We loved it - Chrysler have hit on a winner with the latest version of this wonderful, distinctive and stylish motor.

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