The latest addition to the Jaguar F-Pace range F-PACE Portfolio 3.0 300PS AWD Automatic V6 has good looks and a stylish interior yet sacrifices none of the driving excitement when deciding to purchase a family-friendly crossover.

Jaguar F-Pace 3.0

Jaguar F-Pace 3.0

The 3.0-litre V6 diesel is a no-nonsense performer and outside model oozes sporty styling. The F-Pace has the luxury and comfort of a Jag wrapped in a 4x4 SUV skin and all in all, it takes Jaguar’s crossover SUV up another level.

Jaguar ignored its sister brand Land Rover when designing the F Pace SUV, instead they developed their own unique platform for the F-Pace. They decided to harness the architecture from the highly successful XE and XF, hence it feels remarkably car-like to drive. More importantly, the Jag uses plenty of lightweight aluminium in its structure, so the 3.0 diesel doesn’t flinch at anything despite those bulky external dimensions.

Jaguar has a real edge over its rivals
Jaguar has a real edge over its rivals

Where the Jaguar has a real edge over its rivals is the way it drives. The steering is light and quick, and while the SUV will never be as sharp as its saloon family it feels more agile than a car of its stature really should be. It behaves itself in corners due to a blend of ride and handling that balances cornering ability with a suspension set-up that can deal with rough road surfaces impressively well at the same time.

The F-Pace really can take hold its own on those twisting back roads gripping the surface as it is pushed through corners with complete confidence refusing to lose its dignity. 

But all the techie and style will cut no ice here at Female First – the question we want answering, what is it like in real life situations.

So, after all the preening and superlatives let’s see how the car fares during the acid test, first up the kids.

Good for kids

Cool styling
Cool styling

Three, two boys and a girl will they be impressed. The two lads were in raptures when I pulled onto the drive while Mollie was a harder to read her reaction, anyway we will see.

So day one and get the kids to school. Well no one could say they were cramped for room, so spacious room for three plus school bags, sports bags, and all the other paraphernalia, it all fitted in. When we arrived at the school gates the boys had phoned their friends to see the car they were due to arrive in and it certainly drew a crowd. The teacher had to move the kids away before he looked over the motor and remarked on how classy and stylish the Jag looked.

Mollie wasn’t too concerned but that changed when I went to collect her from school three of her friends were in tow wanting a ride home. Safe to say the F-Pace passed the ‘street cred’ test with the kids.

Motorway marvel

The following day after dropping the kids off we headed out on our usual test route over the m62 from Manchester to Hull and the back through Pendle, Skipton, Colne and East Lancashire.

Motorway driving was superb, the F-Pace drove like it was on rails, no ‘lane wander’ from cross winds and we arrived fully refreshed in Hull.

Country lover

Rural roads
Rural roads

We had lunch before setting off back via the country roads, this is where the F-Pace came into its own. Handling like a F type despite its bulk the F Pace took to the twisty narrow country roads like a duck to water even dodging the odd tractor it was a pleasure to drive.


Off to the super market and as you would expect the Jag pulled in many admiring looks and complimentary comments.

On the practical note it was so easy to park in the tight bays of Tesco car parks, access when loading a weekly shop for six was a dream, and the cavernous boot fitted all in with ease.

While negotiating the shopping centre where we headed next again a dream, and to put it further to the test we were collecting a dressing table which again slide into the rear space with ease.


Great off road
Great off road

We took the F-Pace packed with five to Southport sands as it was a sunny warm weekend and had the opportunity to go off road – the car impressed and the kids all loved the experience.


If you are looking to invest in a quality 4x4 that is equally at home in the town centre as it is in the country roads, that can cope with all tasks expected of a family car and more then you cannot go wrong with the Jaguar F-Pace. I can’t praise the car enough, we put it through the ’real life’ requirements that a family car is expected to perform and it came through with flying colours, and the car lives up to its thorough bred roots.

Move over BMW, Audi, the F-PACE Portfolio3.0 300PS AWD Automatic V6 is here. Ten out of Ten

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