With a pedigree stretching back to the Jaguar E type the F type was always going to be a winner, but just how good it was we were about to find out as the bosses at Jag gave us their latest version put through its paces. 

F-TYPE Coupé 3.0 V6

F-TYPE Coupé 3.0 V6

Well I was totally impressed by the looks when the driver dropped the F-TYPE Coupé 3.0 V6 S/C RWD Manual off, a true driver’s car. Like the XE we had before it attracted a lot of attention and so many admiring glances.

The F-TYPE Coupé 3.0 V6 S/C RWD Manual was to be given the Female First test and as readers of Female First know we don’t just fly round a race track and talk 0 to 60 or gear ratios and such we put the car into real life everyday situations and this, albeit a stunningly beautiful looking race bred motor was to be treated no differently.

The Jaguar F-Type Coupe had the classic Jaguar design cues, a svelte, powerful stance, a wide track that shouts performance, and tail-lights that pay hark back to the old E-Type.

F-TYPE Coupé 3.0 V6
F-TYPE Coupé 3.0 V6

On the road, first up I took to our usual route over East Lancashire on to Pendle Hill – witches country – the narrow roads and sharp corners, pot holes, and typically wet weather, just the place to put the F types handling through its paces.

Well these roads held no fears for the Jag, it is so well tuned it produced a composed ride, secure and damped, with a pleasing honest and consistent performance. Traversing the potholes the car didn’t bounce, then over the crests and through the hollows on these roads didn’t make the car float or sag as it negotiated corners with conviction and true agility.

With the weather turning bad we dropped down onto the M62 for a run over to Leeds before heading back to Manchester. Heading over the Pennines the weather did its worst but the recalibrated electric steering and softened front suspension made it feel communicative giving me plenty of confidence to push the car along slipping through the gears with ease. The F type Jaguar took it all in its stride staying sure footed all the way.

F-TYPE Coupé 3.0 V6
F-TYPE Coupé 3.0 V6

When we arrived back at base after a long day of driving I could not help but notice how fresh I felt no hint of fatigue which demonstrated the comfort well designed interior.

Back home a friend who came over to admire the Jaguar said he read that the company had reported they were pursuing a similar ethos to affordable four-cylinder performance cars such as the Toyota 86 or Mazda MX-5, models that can be driven enthusiastically without putting the driver’s licence or indeed safety in peril, well they have got that one spot on.

Day two I have to say produced the only issue I had with the car, as I said at the beginning we put the car into the ‘real world’. So task one taking the kids to school, two kids one seat – the Jaguar F type is a true two seater sports car – someone had to be disappointed.

When that issue was sort – one went day one the other went day two when we turned up at the school the car certainly grabbed the attention and turned heads amongst the various 4X4’s.

The easy handling at low speeds meant we could put the Jag in the tightest of spots with ease and dispatch our youngest safely at the school gates without mishap then negotiate the harassed mums and Dads to get off to test area three the shopping.

At the supermarket - the car turned heads as I arrived, no doubt added to by the throaty, bass heavy exhaust sounds meaning the F type was heard on arrival.  I parked up getting many appreciative   looks. My concern was that no one would get to close and catch the car when they opened their doors, but hey that’s the reality of life.

On returning happily I found no minor dents, the only point I would make, though the boot is ample for a small shop and there is no back seats the get the shopping in – but that was a minor compromise to make, and let’s be honest it’s not a shopping trolley.

So to sum the experience up.

The Jaguar lives up to its hype, the cars handling is second to none, positive and sure, inside you are immerse in luxury making for a stress - free journey whether it’s around the corner to the shops or across the country on a long journey you will arrive feeling fresh and relaxed.

Jaguar certainly have yet another winner on their hands with and the Jaguar F Type and this model aimed at Audi TT and BMW M3’s will certainly make their competitors taking notice.

The car was a F-TYPE Coupé 3.0 V6 S/C RWD manual check it out.

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